Learning Driver Crashes into Stopped Civic Type-R, Doesn't Brake for Some Reason

Absolutely stupid crash in UK 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
It is almost unbelievable how bad some people are at driving. They are so unaware of what they're supposed to do that you simply can't understand how anybody thought it's appropriate to hand them a driver's license.
And bear in mind that they had to pass an exam to get it, where it's easy to assume they were also a bit nervous on top of their usual calamity selves. And yet, somehow, we now share the roads with these people, so we should start celebrating every day that we get home in one piece.

This video does teach us something that is a classic example of a common sense notion, but it's one we tend to overlook every now and then: whenever we see a driver executing hesitant maneuvers like the one in the clip below, it's best to assume the worst and quickly move your car into a different zipcode than him. Don't linger, just run.

There are a number of reasons they might be acting like that, and none of them spells anything good for you: they could be really old, they could be drunk, they could be sick, they could be stupid or, as it happens to be the case here, they could be a perfectly normal human being, but one that shouldn't be driving unsupervised.

People who are 17 or older are legally allowed to drive in the UK, provided they have a valid license. The license is obtained by passing a test, but before that happens, you can apply for a provisional driver's license you can use while you're still getting the ropes. That means you get to drive a car with L plates, but only under supervision.

That sounds reasonable, but not for everybody, apparently. This man (or is it a woman?) driving a Peugeot 307 falls under that category, and yet he's unsupervised, and his car doesn't have L plates (you can't see that, but we'll take the guy's word for it). Speaking of "the guy," his name is Patrick Mccabe and he drives a white Honda Civic Type-R. That information isn't relevant to the story, but it just makes it even more cringy when the two cars start to touch, as whoever owns this kind of car clearly loves it to bits.

He comes to a parking lot where the offending driver tries to pull out of one of the spots. He moves ever so slowly, breaking the simple maneuver in multiple parts which should be a clear indication of his skills behind the wheel. Patrick waits patiently. When the time comes for him to move forward to make room for the other car on the narrow road he's on, the Peugeot doesn't seem to agree. The driver can be seen scrambling to turn the wheel trying to avoid Patrick's Honda, but he should have been focusing on the brake. Instead, he even seems to be accelerating in a clear case of panic-induced pedal mix-up, climbing all over the poor Civic Type-R.

The sound of the two cars making contact is awful, but as it's so often the case, the damages aren't that serious. He will have to change the whole right side of his car, but he'll be able to go to the shop on his own. So, the main thing to take out of this clip is that you should never assume the other people on the road know how to drive because sometimes, that's not just an euphemism for a bad driver, but exactly the case.

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