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Honda Civic Type R Suffers Masive Rollover Crash at the Nurburgring

The Civic Type R has always been a go-to car for the people who want to look cool and go fast. But that also means that quite a few of them have been crashed, especially at the Nurburgring.
Honda Civic Type R Suffers Masive Rollover Crash at the Nurburgring 1 photo
Some owners may try to hide the damage when they sell them on, but there's no way to do that with this Type R, which suffered a massive crash during the first day of May. That's one heck of a bad way to end the week!

The Nurburgring is once again open for amateur racers to prove their metal. You turn up, pay the toll and do a bit of motorsport. However, you might want to invest in a racing harness, because a regular seatbelt isn't going to be of much use in an incident like this one.

The video below shows how the Type R was already out of control, approaching the corner slightly sideways, then clipping the grass. Could lift-off oversteer be to blame? Right before this corner, there's a crest where the rear goes light. It's famous for catching FWD hot hatchbacks out. Just search Megane Schwedenkreuz and you'll find similar incidents on YouTube. At this point, there's not much the driver can do except brace for impact, as he is carrying way too much speed.

The Civic Type R hits the protective barrier on its left side which sends it into the air, landing on its roof and rolling over multiple times.

This sort of crash is usually only seen in motorsports. Other motorists are clearly concerned for the safety of the driver, as you can see a Golf R, a Clio RS 200 and a Colt CZT stopping by the side of the track to check things out.

All we can say to the driver is: hard luck, bro, get well and how much for that VTEC?

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