18-Year-Old Barrell-Rolls Her Father's Model S on a Field in Germany

Taking our parents' car for a joyride - who hasn't thought about it when we were 18? Some of us did it at an even younger age, well before we could even begin to think about owning a driver's license, but if we get to tell the story, that means we got out OK.
Model S crash in Germany 10 photos
Tesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in GermanyTesla Model S crash in Germany
In most cases, though, even if we did take our parents' car without them knowing, it did not come with 700 horsepower, immense torque, and a Ludicrous mode. It was probably your good old family wagon or minivan, about as thrilling to drive as a visit to your grandparents. But since we weren't supposed to drive it, the adrenaline level grew accordingly.

As for this 18-year-old girl from Icking, it must have been through the roof. She grabbed the key of her father's $100,000+ Tesla Model S, picked up four more friends and went out on a joyride. Due to excessive speed - which isn't hard to achieve in a top-of-the-line Model S - the inexperienced driver lost control in a left-hand turn and went off the road.

According to initial reports, the car flew for about 25 meters (82 feet) through the air before hitting a nearby field. It then began to roll, although it's not clear yet how many times it went over. It came to a halt on all four wheels, so all the people inside were able to get out on their own.

The five occupants were clearly shaken and some had rather serious injuries, even though none were life-threatening. Three of them had been taken to Munich by helicopter (including the driver), while the other two were treated locally. The police did not reveal the speed the electric sedan was traveling when it left the road.

As the pictures published by German local publication Merkur show, the car is a total wreck, but the passenger cell looks almost unscathed. Also, the heavy floor might be responsible for the car's final resting position, with the outcome potentially being even worse for those inside had it ended up on the roof.

Tesla has always bragged about the safety rating of its vehicles, and all the accidents its cars have been involved in seem to confirm this. Judging from how far the road appears to be from where the car stopped, it's safe to assume the teenager was making good work of the vehicle's immense power. And by "good" I obviously mean "bad."


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