Breaking News: Tesla Drivers Are Not Perfect and We Have the Video to Prove It

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Tesla drivers - and electric car drivers in general - are a bit like the vegans: they think they are saving the world, so they deserve a little credit for it from all the other ignorants they share this Earth with.
And the thing is, their belief isn't entirely unfounded: using an electric car every day is a lot less harmful to the environment than using a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (at least as far as direct emissions are concerned), but that doesn't automatically place you on a pedestal. It doesn't give you the right to act all high and superior, it just makes you a person more concerned than others with the fate of this planet.

Still, don't go telling one of them that, or you might not like the reaction you get. Again, like the vegans, they are very sensitive about the subject, so it's not a good idea to question their principles or point out the fact that not all people who aren't like them are necessarily bad. In fact, I've just realized I might be taking a huge risk writing this, so I'll stop.

The video below - which I strongly suggest you go watch right now - shows an encounter between a motorcycle rider and a Tesla Model S driver. It all starts very naturally, with the biker splitting lanes on a ramp leading to a highway. He passes a police car as he does it, so no point in arguing whether it was a legit action or not on his part.

He initially passes the EV, and pumps on the throttle as the ramp is cleared up. The Model S, however, makes good use of that excellent 0-60 sprint time, and first catches up, then goes in front. A sudden move to the left and braking from a Hyundai, however, forces the Tesla to swerve right right in front of the biker. Well, he actually foresees the event and brakes a little, making enough room for the Model S to pass the black Korean car.

Now there's no question whether the Model S driver was at fault, but I don't agree with the rider's assertion of this move being made on purpose. And I've got two arguments, besides the obvious one that no sane person wants to kill another one. First, the Model S had its blinker on. Sure, that's of little use for the biker if he's lying on the asphalt, but it does show he tried to make the pass as easy to read for the others as possible.

Second, he pulls down the window when the motorcycle catches up with him, and I assume he wanted to apologize. The biker, however, throws a very understandable "what the f*** is wrong with you?" and their dialogue stops at that. The driver does say something, but it's hard to make out exactly what it is. It didn't sound too apologetic, though, to be honest.

So, whether on purpose or because he didn't read the situation well enough, the Model S driver endangered the life of the motorcyclist with his reckless move, and didn't try his best to make up for it by at least acknowledging his mistake. So there you have it: solid proof that Tesla drivers are not perfect.

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