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Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis Push Out Lambo Inspired Timepiece
Some time ago, Lamborghini and luxury watchmaker Roger Dubuis signed a five-year contract and the first timepiece in their arsenal is perfect for a millionaire version of Spiderman.

Lamborghini and Roger Dubuis Push Out Lambo Inspired Timepiece

Aventador EngineExcalibur Aventador SExcalibur Aventador S OrangeExcalibur Aventador YellowExcalibur Aventador YellowExcalibur Aventador OrangeAventador Engine
Made to mimic the engine compartment of the Aventador, especially in the way the movement rotate, whirl and whistle, the Excalibur Aventador S does the iconic vehicle justice.

The watch is considered a 100% skeletonized timepiece, or more widely known as an openwork piece. This simply means that you can see the movements, mechanisms and components your watch is made from and how they interact, absolutely necessary considering it mimics the dynamics of the Lambo V12 engine.

Only 88 pieces plus an extra eight were put out from first production run, making it available only for a lucky few with the necessary coin.

It is a hand-wound time piece, meaning that you’ll have to wind it once a day. But in case you forget, a 40-hour power reserve will keep it moving for you. Functions include hours, minutes, seconds, and a power reserve indicator.

The case for the watch is composed of C-SMC, which stands for Carbon Fiber Sheet Molding Compound, a material often used in Lamborghini cars. This offers a lightweight yet durable construction to keep the mechanisms safe. The case also offers water resistance up to 5 Bar, making it perfect for your cruise on your trimaran.

The watch features two double-sprung balances with a differential connecting the two plates, inspired directly from mechanisms expressed by the Lambo team and functions at a 2 x 4 hz frequency, offering a higher resistance to gravity and to movements created by the mechanisms themselves.

There are 312 different components in the watch, which I don’t have to mention are placed by very steady hands. 48 jewels reduce friction and keep the mechanisms moving fluidly. But if you don’t care about that, you can just show them off to your friends like, “This is Ruby. This is Sapphire. Oh, her? Her name is Amethyst.” In case that’s not enough, the case-back too is made of sapphire crystal, offering perfect clarity from any angle.

The 18K Black PVD gold dial and indexes of the piece are Rhodium-plated making them highly resistant to corrosion, and filled with a luminous compound to offer easy reading in the dark.

The straps are a black rubber base with Neptune blue inlay accented with red stitching. The underside has a trademarked Roger Dubuis pattern to keep it fixed to your wrist.

The clasp is a Titanium Black DLC with an adjustable folding buckle. And in case you’re in a neighborhood with some folks who know what you’re wearing, there’s a quick release system that I hope acts as an anti-theft device.

Now put all that together and you get this amazingly beautiful watch. Sure, it doesn’t have all that flashy bling-bling that’ll get ya some ooh’s and ah’s, but it is definitely a watch that will probably make it through a few generations in the family.

With a price tag starting at $185,000 and topping out at $205,000, Peter Parker has to make some changes in his life to afford it.

It’s also rumoured that if you buy a Lambo or the Aventador itself, Roger Dubuis will allow you to customize your own watch, even though that hasn’t been spotted yet.


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