LAMBORGHINI Aventador Series/Models Timeline, Specifications and Pictures

Generations: 5
First production year: 2011
Engines: Gasoline
Body style: Coupé (two-door)

2022 - Present

It was the last Aventador, the car that should end the 11 years career of the Italian supercar career after many other special editions. Moreover, it was the final Lamborghini fitted with a naturally aspirated V12 engine. As time went by, Lamborghini adopted the strategy of creating special models, which were sold with a lot more money than the regular versions. Although, sometimes, these s...

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gasoline engines:

  LAMBORGHINI LP780-4 Ultimae 6.5L V12 7AT AWD (780 HP)

2018 - Present

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ was showed at the 2018 Monterey Car Week in California and with its limited 900 units production, it will be a collectible vehicle. But a very fast one. The name stood for Super Veloce Jota, which can be translated in Super-fast Jota. The Jota suffix denoted the track-oriented vehicle. But it wasn't just a name. The anti-roll bar stiffness has been improved ...

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gasoline engines:

  LAMBORGHINI Aventador SVJ 6.5L V12 7AT (770 HP)

2017 - Present

Lamborghini is known for building more special series from the same base product and that was the case with the Aventador which, in 2017, was introduced in the S-version with 740 hp. After it was taken over by the Volkswagen Group, the Lamborghini car-maker started to increase its model range and to diversify each and every model it had on its stable. After six years since it was launched the...

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gasoline engines:

  LAMBORGHINI Aventador S 6.5 V12 7AT (740 HP)

2015 - 2017

Some of the boys who had the Countach posters on their walls grew up and in 2016 they could afford the true offspring of that supercar. And that was the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750-4. The Y shapes were everywhere present on the supercar. On the short trunk lid upfront, on the fenders, on the 3D front spoiler, and the LED taillights. The angry headlights were full LED and the fixed car...

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2011 - 2016

Lamborghini unleashed its creative power and introduced the Aventador in 2011, sending the decade-old Murcielago to a well-deserved retirement. It was a new chapter from the book of Lamborghini's creations opened for the first time in 1966 by the Miura, the first V-12, mid-engined vehicle. The car defined all the supercars that followed and introduced the standard for all the high-perfor...

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