Koenigsegg Meets RWB-like Panamera, Tuned Aventador: Not Your Usual Monaco Crew

Koenigsegg Meets RWB-Like Panamera, Tuned Aventador 1 photo
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As the years go by, the supercar population in Monaco is facing a risk that grows extremely slowly, but steadily, namely crumbling under its own weight.
For instance, almost any Porsche or Ferrari will make one look cool in most parts of the world, but in Monaco, many Zuffenhausen or Maranello models would simply get lost in the high-octane crowd.

Nevertheless, certain go-fast machine owners have their ways of dealing with the issue mentioned above and we're here to give you the most recent example of that.

While ensuring your ride is wild enough to act like an attention magnet is the first step of these people's plan, creating supercar crews is another important aid.

And this is exactly what we see in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page, which brings us a three-vehicle formation that turns plenty of heads on the narrow roads of the city-state.

As crazy as it sounds, a tuned Lamborghini Aventador packing a wing the size of a Bull might just be the tamest-looking car here. That's because the Lambo is accompanied by a Koenigsegg - we're dealing with the Agera R, a hypercar that used to hold multiple acceleration and braking world records. The Swedish hypercar builder may have further tweaked the Agera, thus ending up developing the manic One:1, meanwhile, but this doesn't take away the shine of the Agera R.

Then there's the Porsche in the group. We showed you this otherworldy Panamera late last month and we'll repeat our conclusion: if Rauh-Welt Begriff ever built a four-door Porsche, it would probably look like this.

Sure, this Panamera's opinion-spitting aura is as strong as they get, but this will only bring even more attention, so, as far as being on everybody's lips goes, this crew is, most likely, covered.

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