Blonde Young Girl in a Gumpert Apollo S Knows You Want to Marry Her

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There is something about girls driving fast cars that makes men lose their minds and stop thinking rationally. "Huh? What kids? Ah, those... Well, how do I even know if they're mine? Anyway, shut up, you're distracting me from watching this girl I've never met in my life, and I probably never will."
It's just like girls that watch sports: they come by so rarely that they've been turned into these unicorns that every man thinks will forever change his life into something unspeakably beautiful. They're the perfect combination of both life-partner and best mate, a thought that would have otherwise seemed very, very (and I can't stress this enough) awkward.

Of course, this is all extremely sexist. Thinking that girls should like one thing and dislike another is the kind of generalization that perpetuates these stereotypes even further. Still, not even the most convinced feminist can argue against the fact that most supercars are driven by men, so seeing a blonde 21-year-old in a Gumpert Apollo S does count as a special event.

Especially if it's happening on the streets of Monaco, where she even attempts to pull some drifts as she makes her way into traffic. It's not very convincing, but the thought alone of trying that in a car as rare as an Apollo is commendable. Judging by the sheer joy on her face during the first few seconds of the clip, I'd guess this is probably among the first few times she's had access to the car. If that's the case, then kudos to her for not stalling once (and that's not sexist, as any 21-year-old would have been excused for having some trouble with a brutal V8 and a manual).

There are a few sketchy moments - most notably the one at 1:13 when she almost launches into a motorcyclist - and she seems to have something against holding her hands on the wheel the right way, but apart from that, it's just your typical video of a supercar on the streets of Monaco. Of course, the Internet quickly found out who she was, and that renders everything I've said before absolutely pointless. Turns out her name is Gabriela Jílková and she's a Czech racing driver. Well, at least now you know where to go if you want to stalk her. Or, you know, to propose.

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