Italy’s New Flagship Carrier Is Making Sustainability Cool, Launches a Special Livery

We know that sustainability is one of the biggest trends in commercial aviation right now and for years to come. But a European airline had the idea of making it even more obvious by displaying the message on the fuselage of the new Airbus A220 aircraft that are now part of its fleet.
ITA Airways' new A220 aircraft boast a "Born to Be Sustainable" livery 6 photos
Airbus A220 in "Born to be sustainable" liveryAirbus A220 in "Born to be sustainable" liveryAirbus A220 in "Born to be sustainable" liveryAirbus A220 in "Born to be sustainable" liveryAirbus A220 in "Born to be sustainable" livery
Born to Be Sustainable” is the new way of being cool, or at least this is what ITA (Italia Trasporto Aero) is trying to convey. This is the special livery that the Airbus A220 in its fleet will be displayed, and it does sound like a good idea for spreading the message. Instead of focusing on looks or other “superficial” features, this livery highlights the importance of new-generation airliners being better for the environment in the long run.

The A220 was designed to be more efficient, and it is considered the most efficient in the small-scale, single-aisle category. According to ITA Airways, this aircraft is not only lighter and quieter but will also help cut fuel consumption and toxic emissions by up to 25% per passenger compared to the previous generation in the same category.

ITA Airways is Italy’s new flagship carrier, launched last year. This A220 proudly displaying the special livery is the first out of four that will be added to the carrier’s fleet and is set to kick off operations this Sunday, October 16, spreading the message about its mission and the importance of sustainable aviation.

The A220’s impressive 25% lower fuel burn is mostly owed to the Pratt & Whitney GTF engine that was tailored for it. Two of these engines (which are also found on the larger A330) are powering the A220, offering a bypass ratio of 12:1. According to Airbus, this is one of the highest rates in the world for turbofan engines.

Some of the most advanced technologies and materials, coupled with state-of-the-art aerodynamics, are also responsible for making the aircraft in the A220 family more fuel efficient. Plus, an added benefit of the new-generation engines is that this small-scale airliner also boasts the quietest interior in its class.


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