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You know you have become an important enough person when somebody takes the time and puts in the effort to build a website that spreads lies or half-truths about yourself and your business.
Elon Musk is the proud beneficiary of such a web page called where a collection of bad press articles and with carefully written articles awaits anyone with a hatred for EVs, a few minutes to spare, and the knowledge to use the scroll wheel on the mouse.

And that website is guaranteed to make them even more convinced that EVs are evil and Elon Musk is the devil himself sent here on Earth by Belzebuth to disrupt the sacred oil industry and steal people's money to satisfy his megalomaniac personality.

None of the articles on are signed, and that's because none of them are original. They are simply excerpts from other websites where the admin believes Tesla isn't portrayed in the most favorable light. The sources range from the more credible (Wall Street Journal) to obscure websites nobody has ever heard of.

Well, (we'll use the short version) is not alone anymore. There is now a new website created by the International Oil Baron Association (IOAB) that's called and aims to raise awareness over the impending launch of the Tesla Model 3.

Except for the most thick-minded people out there, everyone will realize this is just a joke meant to irritate pro-fossil fuel advocates who access the page hoping to get more confirmation of their beliefs. Instead, what they are met with is a statement from the founder of and the Chairman of IOAB, a well-dressed man called Farid, that reads: "Greetings, oil product consumer. The time has come to make a decisive choice. Listen to your pumping heart, and let not our riches of your labor be lost to this Model 3!"

If that wasn't enough, there is a series of four videos that show people who are devastated by the news of the Model 3's coming. They are a gas station network owner, the heir to an oil empire, the CEO of a big oil company, and a petroleum dealer and, of course, they are all devastated.

The videos themselves aren't laugh-out-loud funny, but they do make you smile at the possibility that one day, what they depict could become a reality. The day the Model 3 comes out will not be it, but that doesn't mean it can't happen at some point. wants you to spread the message and share the videos, so feel free to do it if it resonates with you. If not, head over to to rinse yourself from what you've just seen.

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