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Infiniti Teases QX80 Monograph, Has QX Sport Inspiration Concept-like Headlights

The 2017 New York Auto Show is almost ready to open its doors to the general public, and boy there are a lot of nice cars to look forward to. The Challenger SRT Demon and the supercharged Grand Cherokee come to mind, but Infiniti has something in the offing too.
Infiniti QX80 Monograph 11 photos
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What we know about it, for the time being, isn’t plenty. Infiniti let only two things slip. First is the name: QX80 Monograph; and secondly, we’re told to brace ourselves for a “huge unveil,” whatever that means in the Nissan-owned automaker’s jargon.

The accompanying teaser photo doesn’t help too much either. Is it a concept or is it an all-new model? What if it’s just a facelift for the Y62 Patrol-based full-size luxury SUV? Bearing in mind the Armada was refreshed only recently, the latter scenario seems fitting. But then again, bear in mind that the QX80 is a 7-year-old model that was already redesigned once back in 2013.

What’s sure, however, is that those headlights appear to be heavily inspired by those Infiniti used in the QX Sport Inspiration Concept. The light-up badge in the grille and the butch front bumper also strike a discordant note from the QX80 as we know it today. At the end of the day, however, the timing isn’t right for Infiniti to introduce an all-new generation of its posh gentle giant.

Seeing that the Armada got itself a bit of nip and tuck only recently, it’s highly likely Infiniti will milk out the current generation of the QX80 with a similar trick. Based on how stylish the exterior of the QX80 Monograph is, it’s highly likely for Infiniti to have worked its magic on the cabin design as well.

Under the hood, however, don’t expect to get anything else other than a tried-and-tested 5.6-liter V8. Coupled to a seven-speed automatic and All-Mode 4WD, the 400-horsepower engine should be good for 13 mpg city.


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