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Hymer Revolutionizes Vanlife With Innovative Venture S Off-Road Camper
If the imminent advent of the fall season hasn’t put you off and you’re still planning your next road trip or camping adventure, know that Germany’s Caravan Salon Düsseldorf is in full swing, and some amazing campers are on display, alluring even to the most convinced city dwellers.

Hymer Revolutionizes Vanlife With Innovative Venture S Off-Road Camper

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One of the most stunning models on display at the event comes from Hymer and is called the Venture S. The campervan premiered in concept form under the VisionVenture name at the 2019’s edition of the Caravan Salon, and now it has turned into reality.

Based on the all-wheel-drive Mercedes Sprinter, Venture S is a revolutionary off-grid RV that mostly maintains the concept’s design and brings to the table state-of-the-art features that we didn’t think would actually be incorporated in a production model.

Especially considering Hymer referred to the VisionVenture concept as a “design study” back in 2019 and said it would be appropriate for a 2025 scenario. Nevertheless, here it is, earlier than anticipated and ready to take van lifers on their next off-grid adventure.

Some of Venture S’s innovative features include the rear yacht-inspired deck, the interior staircase, the visionary two-story layout, and the two-in-one bathroom.

“With the Venture S, we have reimagined motorhoming from the ground up while drawing inspiration from the needs and ideas of the van-life community,” said Hymer president Christian Bauer

“The result is a completely new category of motorhome, which we are now launching on the market after a short development period, driven by the outstanding feedback on the concept vehicle and supported by the expertise of our company,” he added.

With this promise to revolutionize the traditional approach to camping and offer a future-oriented solution, Venture S comes with an 85-inch (216 cm) cabin that flares out from the driver’s cab, which only measures 79.5 inches (202 cm) in width, thus adding extra interior space. Considering this width and the 254-inch (646-cm) length, the Venture S falls into the B+ design category.

The motorhome is based on an AWD Sprinter van, as mentioned, but Hymer opted to create its own cabin and place it atop Mercedes’ bareback chassis with off-road tires. The base Venture S model comes with Stone Gray paintwork, but the campervan is also available in Sea Blue Metallic paint. Both color schemes adorn both the van’s body and the driver’s cab, with design stickers in a honeycomb pattern completing the look. 

The Venture S comes with a unique layout that opens up on two floors. The main floor serves as the living and lounging area and is surrounded on three sides by an infinity screen made of real glass, offering an open view of the surroundings.

In the middle of the seating area, there is an adjustable table made of solid bamboo wood, which can be folded and tucked away under the bench.

The distinctive open tailgate of the Venture S reminds us of the expandable sun decks seen on yachts. This is a top-class feature for a motorhome, and besides expanding the space, it provides travelers with a great space to take in panoramic views. This tailgate is meant to hold up to 771 lb (350kg).

Just imagine looking at the sea or the beautiful countryside from the rear of this van! It’s like sitting in the first row at your favorite show.

The campervan’s two-story layout is made possible by the innovative Instant Loft, a pneumatic pop-up roof that can be inflated in less than three minutes. It creates a comfortable sleeping area protected against light, noise, or temperature differences by means of an innovative two-chamber system.

The loft is connected to the main floor via a flight of stairs that provide easy access and are safe to climb, as the steps are illuminated.

Moving on to the modern kitchenette, we should say it comes fully equipped with everything you need for cooking. There is a dual-burner gas stove, sink with a wall-mounted faucet, a multifunctional wall that can be customized with hooks and shelves, and plenty of overhead storage. The stylish matt black fittings combine perfectly with the soft metal surface of the worktop and the stylish backsplash.

Finally, the bathroom is another one of the innovations brought forward by the Venture S. The smart space-saving concept provides a transformable two-in-one bathroom. A push-out outer wall allows to expand the toilet with an optional ceramic toilet, sink, mirror, and cupboards. With just one movement, the toilet room transforms into a floor-level shower room clad in chic slate via a rotating inner wall.

But the surprises don’t end here, as the Venture S is the gift that keeps on giving. Behind the passenger seat, there is also a table integrated into the wall that serves as a perfect workplace for those who need to work, even during getaways.

Also, Hymer’s campervan is at the forefront of motorhoming not only in terms of design but also in terms of connectivity on board. The RV is compatible with Hymer Connect, and users can control various components by using their smartphones or via the built-in 7-inch touch display.

Vanlifers who decide Venture S is the best fit for them will be able to stay fully off-grid for up to 10 days, thanks to a 320-Ah smart lithium battery bank backed by three 115-watt solar panels mounted on the roof.

All of these don’t come cheap, as you would expect. Hymer offers the base Venture S camper for a premium price of €225,000 (approx. $225,000).

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