Homologation Documents Reveal Additional Tesla Model 3 Performance Specifications

Tesla Model 3 Performance homologated in Europe 8 photos
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Tesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous launch imminentTesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous launch imminentTesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous launch imminentTesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous launch imminentTesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous launch imminentTesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous launch imminentJason Cammisa next to a Tesla Model 3 Performance with Texas manufacturer plates
Tesla is preparing to officially announce the Model 3 Performance, with a media event rumored to have occurred last week in Malibu. The most expected variant of the refreshed Model 3 will elevate the electric sedan to new performance heights thanks to a unique technology package. A new homologation document from Europe spills the beans about key specifications.
In September 2023, Tesla launched the refreshed Model 3 in Asia and Europe with production from Giga Shanghai. It also unveiled the North American variant in January, produced at Tesla's Fremont factory. So far, no market has received the most powerful variant of the electric sedan. The Tesla Model 3 Performance (or Ludicrous as some think it will be named) has been hyped as the most extreme Model 3 Tesla ever produced.

Compared to the Long Range AWD variant, the performance gap is much higher than before, with the upcoming Model 3 Performance considered a track-capable beast. This is why people speculate that it might be named Ludicrous instead of Performance, considering the upgrades. However, Tesla executives have confirmed that Model 3 Performance is still the name. Of course, this doesn't exclude more extreme variants sold under a different name.

Whatever the case, the Tesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous will feature a distinctive design for the first time. It includes a new front aero bumper and rear diffuser to distinguish it from the regular variants, not to mention a huge rear carbon spoiler. However, the most important changes are under the hood. Even though Tesla has not announced the Model 3 Performance specifications, insider information offered a pretty good estimation of what to expect.

Among the most important changes is a new electric motor at the rear that will boost the total power to about 620 horsepower. This figure transpired last month from a Korean Ministry of Environment filing. During the recent media event in Malibu, it was also revealed that the Model 3 Performance has a 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds, 0.2 seconds less than the previous generation Model 3 Performance.

A new homologation document in Europe disclosed more Model 3 Performance specifications. According to Julien from TFF forums (@eivissacopter), who uncovered the document, the upcoming Model 3 Performance will have a 261-kph (162-mph) top speed and a WLTP range of 528 km (328 miles). The latter is owed to the more efficient 4D2A rear motor, with an improvement of around 2-3%.

The battery pack will use LG 5L NMC cells for the Giga Shanghai production, with a total capacity of 79 kWh and a power limit of 415 kW. On the other hand, the US-made Model 3 Performance will rely on Panasonic 3L NCA cells, with a total capacity of 82 kWh and a power limit of 435 kW. This makes the North American Model 3 Performance about 44 lbs. (20 kg) heavier than the car produced at Giga Shanghai. Tesla will also aim for an estimated 304 miles of EPA range in the US.

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