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Hide Your Kids, Spent Nuclear Fuel Tank Trucking its Way Across Pennsylvania

Suppose your only frame of reference for nuclear power is Three Mile Island or Chernobyl. In that case, you probably find the thought of a nuclear fuel tank crossing a major interstate to be completely horrifying. Rest assured, the superload currently traversing the famous Interstate 80 across Pennsylvania is in good hands.
PennDOT Superload 6 photos
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The massive load that stretches beyond two road lanes consists of a nuclear fuel tank that was once a part of a D1G prototype nuclear reactor operated by the U.S Navy at the Kenneth A. Kesselrigh site in the town of West Milton, just across the Pennsylvania border in New York State. The tank was emptied in 1997 and, after a 25-year decontamination process, it is now safe enough to be transported for disassembly and recycling.

Such a load requires a great deal of state oversight to ensure its complete safety. This will be provided via the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, which will oversee the trip from begging until its completion over a week. In addition, the truck convoy tasked with hauling the extreme load is forbidden from traveling at any speed beyond 30 miles per hour (48 kph) during the grueling week-long trip across the great expanse that is Pennsylvania.

The load is expected at the Lawrence County recycling center just outside Pittsburgh sometime on January 21st of this year. PennDOT personnel are urging commuters along the convoy's route to be aware of strange traffic patterns, and sudden traffic jams at slower-moving convoy vehicles congest the limited space as they pass endless country lines on their way across the state.

Concerned commuters and curious onlookers alike can track the convoy's progress across state and county lines under #PAsuperload22 on social media. After so many movies and TV shows depicting the horrors of nuclear power when it all goes wrong, there's no reason to suspect such an incident will occur under PennDOT's watch. A shame if you've been trying to gain superpowers lately.


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