Hey, 2024 Tesla Model X! Is That a Front Bumper Camera You Got There?

Tesla Model X with Possible Front Bumper Camera 6 photos
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2024 Tesla Model X2024 Tesla Model X2024 Tesla Model X2024 Tesla Model X2024 Tesla Model X
Since Tesla gave up on radar and ultrasonic sensors (USS), customers found that some useful features did not work properly any longer. In some scenarios, like when you're driving into the sun, the advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) known as Autopilot might stop working altogether. However, other pressing matters, like accurate camera-based parking measurements, weigh more. They might finally return for new Model X buyers.
Tesla recently added a new color for the Model S and Model X. It replaced Midnight Gray with Stealth Grey. The EV maker updated its web configurator to display it. In doing so, it also added new renders of the Model X. The new images prompted some prospective buyers to ask themselves if something new was hiding in the front bumper.

The discreet carving that sits between the headlights and proudly displays the EV maker's logo now features a distinctive cutout. It seems to be a dedicated space for a small camera! Considering that Tesla moved all its vehicles to the Vision system (i.e., no radar and no ultrasonic sensors), that would be a great addition for such a large vehicle.

It's certainly not a radar because that part can easily be hidden behind the bumper or integrated more elegantly into it. The refreshed Model Y that's currently on sale in China was expected to have an optional radar because of some filings, but Elon Musk dismissed all those rumors.

Netizens who also spotted the change shared it on various social media platforms and said that Tesla silently debuted this slight update at the same time with the new color. That wouldn't be out of character for the world's most valuable automaker, but we must wait for official confirmation before getting our hopes up for nothing.

Besides that, you can see in the photo gallery that the carveout can be spotted on all the renders, no matter the color. It's not exclusive to the Model X finished in Stealth Grey.

2024 Tesla Model X
Photo: Tesla
We asked Tesla about this mysterious addition to the front bumper. However, no answer reached our inbox at the time of writing. If someone gives us an official clarification, you'll be the first to know.
Still, it's worth underlining what this simple implementation would mean for future Model X owners.

Earlier this year, there were rumors about the Model X getting a new camera that was supposed to be placed in the headlight housing. It didn't make much sense to have just one optic sensor on one side of the vehicle, but people still hoped it would turn out to be true. Sadly, it didn't pan out.

Last month, we shared with our readers a test that proved something many knew but were unwilling to say out loud: the Model Y needs a front bumper camera because the ones hidden at the top of the windshield aren't good enough for everyday situations.

A new camera put into the front bumper would help Tesla's Vision system to measure distances more accurately, make their ADAS safer and more reliable, and finally give people paying over $80,000 for a vehicle that much-needed 360-degree camera system.

For the time being, one thing is clear: based on the new configurator images, the Model X will come with something new in the front bumper. If it will be a new optic sensor, well… That remains to be seen.
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