GTA Online: Here's Why You Shouldn't Miss This Week's Update

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Rockstar Games graced GTA+ members in the past few months with free games like Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, Liberty City Stories, Chinatown Wars, and the first Red Dead Redemption, which runs at 60 fps on PlayStation 5. Not to mention the monthly $1,500,000 in GTA Online from April to August. This week isn't so generous, but there are still many bonuses to take advantage of.
It's all about executives this week in GTA Online, with double rewards awaiting players who dare to thrive in Los Santos' ruthless business world. Executive bonuses will keep on coming until April 17.

Special Cargo Sell Missions offer double the usual GTA$ and RP, which can be accessed through Ad-Hawk's website via the laptop in your warehouse. Export Mixed Goods Missions also provide twice the normal fee, but if you want a cool $100k, complete any Business Sell Mission this week.

However, for some reason, this sum comes with a catch. It can take up to 72 hours for the money to get transferred to your account, so don't get hasty if you don't receive it right away. The upside is that if you successfully sell at least $500,000 worth of products across all your business holdings, you will get $100k from the Weekly Challenge.

Your old pal, Martin Madrazo, has more jobs for you that give out double GTA$ and four times the RP amount for any of his Contact Missions. In the Collection Time mode, you fight against the clock to grab points from fallen foes for double the reward rate.

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Lastly, on the list of activities, we have the Salvage Yard Robbery Targets: Dinka Sugoi (Sports) inspired by the Honda Civic Type R, the Vapid Dominator GTT (Muscle) based on the '69 Ford Mustang and the Pegassi Infernus Classic (Sports Classic) which is a mix between the real-life Lamborghini Diablo, Cizeta V16T, and Ferrari Testarossa.

Don't forget about the in-game discounts: Executive Offices – 30% off, Executive Office Upgrades and Modifications – 30% off, Buckingham Luxor (Plane) – 30% off, Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon (Helicopter) – 40% off, Buckingham SuperVolito (Helicopter) – 40% off, Übermacht Revolter (Sports) – 30% off, Grotti Itali GTO (Sports) – 30% off, and the Dinka Jester Classic (Sports) is at 30% off.

The Gun Van isn't shying away from lowering prices, either. The Switchblade, Service Carbine, and Combat PDW are half-off for GTA+ members. The Up-n-Atomizer is also only a third of the regular price. As for the inventory, you'll find the Machine Pistol, Assault SMG, Grenades, Pipe Bombs, Molotovs, and some welcomed Armor.

If you're a GTA+ member and haven't claimed it yet, you still have time until May 1 to get your Progen Itali GTB (Super), inspired by a mix of supercars like the McLaren 570S, 650S, P14, and Trion Nemesis. There's more free stuff like t-shirts and chameleon car paints, but they are not as urgent as the car.
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