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It seems like Rockstar Games has been showering GTA+ members with "gifts." The publisher added a bunch of exciting new stuff like Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, GTA: Liberty City Stories, Chinatown Wars, and most recently, Red Dead Redemption. If you have a PS5, you can play the latter in smooth 60 fps. Oh, and let's not forget the monthly $1,000,000 you'll be getting from April to August, on top of the usual half-a-million fee.
This week, GTA+ members can claim one of the sweetest rides possible, the Progen Itali GTB supercar. Provided you visit the Vinewood Car Club showroom. The car was added through the 1.37 "Import/Export" update on January 10, 2017.

The Progen Itali GTB is inspired by an assortment of exotic rides, like the McLaren 570S, 650S, P14, and Trion Nemesis. The 570S was produced between 2015 and 2021. It still looks breathtaking to this day, and back in its heyday, it was quite the V8 beast.

It had a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox connected to a mid-mounted 3.8-liter engine aided by a pair of turbochargers that produced 562 hp or 570 ps with 443 lb-ft or 601 Nm of torque. The Itali GTB has a top speed of 127 mph or 204 kph when fully upgraded. However, the McLaren 570S maxed out at 204 mph or 328 kph while accelerating from 0 to 62 mph or 100 kph in 3.2 seconds.

Next, new Chameleon Paints await GTA+ members at any LS Custom, Auto Shop, or Vehicle Workshop. The Oil Slick Pearl Chameleon Paint goes great with the Magenta-Yellow Flip Chameleon Wheel Paint. Be careful, though, for it's only available until May 1, along with the Fooligan Tee, Fooligan Vest, Coil Cyclone Tee, and Black Los Santos Cap.

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For those living the biker lifestyle, you can enjoy the 50% sale on Biker Clubhouses, Biker Clubhouse Upgrades and Modifications, Biker Business Properties including Weed Farms, Meth Labs, Counterfeit Cash Factories, and Document Forgery Offices, along with Biker Business Upgrades. Double GTA$ and RP are in effect all month long if you do Motorcycle Club Work, Challenges, and Clubhouse Contracts.

Production rates are now boosted by 50% for Cargo Crate output in Executive Office Warehouses, Biker Businesses, Bunker Stock, and Nightclub Warehouse Stock until May 1. The buck doesn't stop here because there are a ton more benefits in GTA Online.

Competing in Transform Races is chaos encarnate on wheels. Known Unkown Races will have you switching to a different vehicle during checkpoints until you've run down the list. In Unkown Unkown Races, the vehicle switcharoos are even more randomized and chaotic.

Apparently, it will make the player more tense and aware, thus having better results somehow, according to Rockstar's logic. At least there are double rewards until April 10. Modes like Adversary Modes Overtime Rumble, Tiny Racers, and Collection Time are returning this week.

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Sell Missions give out double GTA$ and RP, while Bunker Research jobs offer triple rewards until April 10. If you've never undergone a Bunker Sell Mission, here's what you must do. Craft some dodgy weaponry in a Bunker, load it on a Delivery Vehicle, and drop it off in a FedEx-approved condition.

If you call Agent 14 on your iFruit phone and request Bunker Research, you'll be pitted between some guy wearing heavy armor and the local police. After you take out the lunatic, return his armor to the Bunker to complete the mission and earn triple GTA$, RP, and Research progress. If you do three of these until April 10, you will receive an extra $100,000 and the Dollar Daggers Hoodie. There are also 30% discounts all week long on Gunrunning Bunkers, Upgrades, and Modifications.

If you're a big fan of the criminal underworld from Los Santos, you'll love doing work for good ol' Gerald. His missions dish out twice the usual GTA$ rate and four times the RP through April 10.

Simeon has fresh stock at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom for players who want to gift themselves a new ride. You'll find the Ocelot XA-21, Pegassi Torero, Dinka Thrust, Declasse Tulip, and RUNE Cheburek. If you want to pretend you're playing GTA 6, know that the Tulip is the very same model from the new trailer when Jason and Lucia are driving away from robbing a convenience store.

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Photo: Rockstar Games
The Tulip arrived in GTA Online with the Arena War update during the Tulip Week event between January 15 and January 21, 2019. Sadly, it got removed on June 13, 2023, when the San Andreas Mercenaries update hit. The Declasse Tulip is a half-and-half between the main body of the Chevelle Malibu and the taillights from the Oldsmobile 442 and Chevy Impala.

A new GTA 6-bound Bravado Banshee has been sort of spotted recently in a leak involving the company's 25th-anniversary logo. I say "sort of" because it looks like an updated model, but there's no actual proof it's from Grand Theft Auto VI.

It could just as easily have been the artist playing around, the artwork being an internal thing anyway. Maybe we'll see the Banshee and more rides in the second trailer; who knows?
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