PlayStation Spring Sale: Top Five Best Racing Games Offers

PlayStation Spring Sale: Top Five Best Racing Games Offers 20 photos
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The PlayStation Spring Sale is finally here, so let's scour through everything and find the best offers on full games and bundles. The sale lasts until April 11, so there's plenty of time to check everything out, especially with so many great titles.
Gran Turismo 7
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Obviously, we'll start with the incredible Gran Turismo 7, currently at 50% off, from 60 bucks to $30. The series is on its way to reaching 100 million copies sold and even has a very cool movie to brag about. I'm not even kidding; the Gran Turismo movie is a great action/driving flick. It's available now on some streaming services, so make sure to hit that search button and see if you already have it.

Gran Turismo 7 is a banger of a game and for good measure. It looks fantastic, although it's not fully new-gen, it feels great, the soundtrack is more than pleasant, and it offers a plethora of game modes that will put your skills to the test.

Rumors of Gran Turismo 7 landing on PC this year have been circling the internet for quite a while. While it sounds exciting to finally have GT 7 on PC, there's something potentially even more appealing on the horizon: the rumored PS5 Pro that's reportedly 45% faster than the standard PS5 and at least three times more powerful overall. According to leaks, the PlayStation 5 Pro should arrive this fall.

Ray tracing is supposed to be a key point in rendering PS5 Pro Enhanced games, so maybe GT 7 will finally get ray tracing during gameplay. The (hopefully) free update could coincide with the rumored PC release; who knows? Maybe there's even an uncapped framerate waiting for keyboard and mouse enthusiasts.

Need For Speed Unbound

NFS Unbound
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NFS Unbound is next on our list because it's only $7 on PS5. Such a price drop is likely because the sales dropped massively, so EA is trying its best to entice new potential players.

Unbound is not a bad arcade driving game, but quite the opposite. I enjoyed my time with it. The graphics are crisp and clear, the cars look great, and while I'm not a fan of the anime-style smoke and visual effects, the driving more than makes up for everything else.

Autoevolution gave it a score of 75 out of 100, saying that "while it's far from the perfect game, NFS Unbound feels like a breath of fresh air, and it is a lot of fun to play." NFS Payback is also on offer at two bucks, and Need for Speed Heat costs three dollars.

Rumors of another NFS already in development have been floating around for over a year. It's no secret that the NFS franchise hasn't been itself for a long... long time, which raises two main questions. What will it take to truly revive the long-lost series? Can it actually come back to life with a vengeance, or is the NFS brand dead, but it just doesn't know it yet?

LEGO 2K Drive

LEGO 2K Drive
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LEGO 2K Drive is 20 bucks for the PS4 version and $23 for PS5 owners who want other bells and whistles like higher fidelity graphics.

This cute game offers a slight twist on the tried and true Mario Kart racing formula. Depending on the surface you're driving on, your vehicle can transform into a boat or ATV and back into a car in a fraction of a second. The animation and sound effects help make this feature immersive and fun to experience.

The game design and gameplay are very well produced, but I encountered one annoying problem when the game first launched: the microtransactions were a bit too intrusive for my tastes.

I gave it an 80/100 and said that LEGO 2K Drive is a title I wish I had growing up. This remains true to this day, especially now that it's more than half off. It's great for both kids and adults because its eye-candy graphics and color palette are like visual therapy.

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged
Photo: Autoevolution

Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Turbocharged is an endearing game for both older and more nostalgic Hot Wheels enthusiasts and for today's younglings still growing up and playing with them.

The gameplay feels well put together and fun, surpassing the game's first iteration. You'll find crazy tracks where you'll pull off stunts, pirouettes, and barrel rolls while your opponents try to ram into you like you owe them money.

Autoevolution gave it a 75 score rating out of 100, saying, "From the adrenaline-filled races to collecting and upgrading the cars, whacky boss battles, and the ability to design and build your own tracks, it is a dream come true for those who could not afford to play with Hot Wheels when they were kids or those who want to relive those memories."

If you're subscribed to PS Plus Premium, the best part about HWU2 Turbo is that if you're not sure about the 20 bucks, a 2-hour free trial is waiting for you.


Expeditions A Mudrunner Game
Photo: PulluP Entertainment

One of the titles that started the slow-burning off-roading video game craze, MudRunner, is now just six dollars on the PlayStation Store. It's also part of the PS Plus Extra subscription at no additional cost.

If you're an off-roading fan but have never played a MudRunner game before, oh boy, are you in for a muddy treat. It's slow and steady, simulating what it would be like if you were actually there.

Most recently, I played Expeditions: A MudRunner Game, which was glorious! It features the most advanced physics the series has ever seen, new gadgets, component upgrades, advanced graphics, and mouth-watering terrain deformation. I cannot recommend this game enough for chillaxing after a hard day's work.

Other nominees that didn't make the main cut are Burnout Paradise at only two bucks, Ride 5 at $30, Dakar Desert Rally on PS4 and PS5 at $18, Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 for $15, Wreckfest at $16, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled at $14 and why not, even F1 manager 2023 at $16.5.

However, be very careful before buying any of these games because many are featured in the PS Plus Extra or Premium subscriptions. There's no point in double dipping if you already own some. Also, while it's not on offer, Pacific Drive is $30, so maybe check it out.
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