GTA+ Members Get Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare for "Free"

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Rockstar Games has a very particular and peculiar way of handling its releases and remasters of old titles. It's not always clear what their goal is or why you can play Red Dead Redemption 1 on PS5 at 60 fps but not on Xbox Series X|S. How about there's still no PC port even after 14 years since RDR's initial release date, while a Nintendo Switch port is thriving?
GTA+ subscribers are used to getting bonus stuff for six bucks per month. For example, if you claim it until April 3, the $1,135,000 Pfister 811 is yours to keep at zero GTA$. The hypercar is a mix between the Porsche 918 and the Koenigsegg Regera. You also get discounts for the Declasse Impaler SZ, the Canis Terminus, the Gallivanter Baller ST-D, the Bravado Banshee, the Grotti Briosi R/A, and tons of other sweet rides.

A while ago, Rockstar Games offered older GTA games for free on GTA+, albeit through rotation. The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition and other classics like Liberty City Stories and Chinatown Wars are on the list. The latter was featured in an old (S13E3) hilarious South Park episode that aired on March 25, 2009.

Most recently, Rockstar saw fit to entice players with Red Dead Redemption and the Undead Nightmare DLC on Xbox and PlayStation platforms supporting the GTA+ subscription. Based on your console of choice, you'll either get the ancient 30 fps version (Xbox) or the newly upgraded 60 fps version on PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility.

The Xbox Series X is even more powerful than the PS5, so it's not a technical issue. In the gaming industry, it's not uncommon for one party, in our case, PlayStation, to strike a deal with another party, Rockstar Games/Take-Two, for a temporary exclusivity window. If that's the case here, maybe we'll live to tell the tale of a 60 fps version on Microsoft's consoles also; who knows what the future holds?

Coming back to GTA Online, this week we're getting the same treatment as almost every week: double rewards after completing activities. Freemode Challenges are in the spotlight, offering even triple and quadruple rewards for those brave enough to partake in the Community Series.

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Thus, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, search for (JJ) Dune Warz 4 by OG-Simpson, ‘Flens’ Mafia Rugby by OldFlens, [CMJ] Runners VS Hellfire by Camaji, Hang Time II by Ghost1982w, Straightalator Dunes by Shfishp, Stunt over the Sea by MainValentino, and Western by VoltycQc.

While GTA Online is thriving, grave news of Grand Theft Auto VI has hit the shores of the interwebs. The Kotaku online publication said their sources don't think GTA 6 will be released in early 2025, as Rockstar Games allegedly intended to, while Insider Gaming says there were no plans for Q1 2025 anyway.

If you're as confused as I am about this, know that, in actuality, it doesn't matter one bit what the press is bickering about because the game will come out when it's ready, be it late 2025 or even 2026. Meanwhile, here's hoping for another GTA 6 trailer in 2024.

The first one is currently and comfortably sitting at 183,057,985 views on YouTube. It's the second most viewed video game trailer of all time, dethroning Minecraft's video from December 2011 with 168 million. Subway Surfers occupy the first spot with 361.5 million views, published in September 2012.

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