Got $13K To Spend on a Travel Trailer? You Must Check Out inTech's Updated Flyer Chase

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Every once in a while, I like to check back on teams I've covered before. This time around, it's inTech's turn, and we're going to dive deeper into their updated Flyer Chase travel trailer.
Ladies and gentlemen, the name inTech may sound familiar to you, especially if you follow along with autoevolution regularly. If it doesn't, then the next five to ten minutes are sure to put this RV and camper manufacturer on your outdoor living radar. As for why that is, let's just dive deeper into one of their most beloved models, the Flyer Chase, and let it do the talking.

I've written about the Chase before, but a lot has happened over the years; we're looking at one hell of a machine, and above all, its price tag is sure to attract anyone's attention. Heck, it's what got me at first. This baby starts off at just $13,174 (€12,200 at current exchange rates).

Oh, and it's family-friendly, suitable for off-road use, and can be packed to the brim with more goodies than you might even need. But first, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery and really let what you see sink in.

As you may have noticed, the Chase is a tad different than other campers we may have been seeing, and all that starts off with nothing more than a fully welded aluminum frame and trailer. This not only provides a sturdy network upon which to lay down countless other systems and materials, but it also means a lightweight and more resilient machine in the face of the elements.

Flyer Chase
Photo: inTech
All that sounds good and will surely be as long as you use the Chase within its manufacturer-suggested settings. Since aluminum has less tensile strength than steel, you'll need to baby it sometimes. Still, aluminum trailers often resell for more than a used steel one, so we've got that going for us in case you get tired of your unit. For the modern, light off-roader, this should do just fine.

From here, it would be nice for me to point out what sort of suspension this trailer has on it, but the manufacturer's website doesn't specify what's happening here. Yet, from the little I see, it looks like a good old torsion axle.

Once that framework has been set, inTech then comes in with aluminum exterior wall sheets and a one-piece aluminum roof that extends from the bulbous front of the unit to the rear. The lower half of the unit is then covered in diamond plating, but there's no indication of the metal used, but it's probably aluminum again.

As we move through the shell's layers toward the interior, behind the aluminum paneling sits a layer of bubble foil insulation, and beyond that, the interior soft-touch fabric paneling of your future on-road home.

Flyer Chase
Photo: inTech
Now, the interior of these babies is a tad different than, let's say, a teardrop camper, mainly because of the fact that inTech ditched the rear galley and, in doing so, has created a large interior that lets you unwind in ways teardrops can't.

Sure, there's interior storage inside, too, and by placing it at the front of the unit, it's used more as a headboard, with easy access to your essentials. Best of all, there's a side entrance into the unit, but at the rear of the Chase, two massive barn-style doors let you park this baby on the edge of some cliffs overlooking the sea, and with doors open, you enjoy the view of the world outside.

While you're sitting there with a fresh coffee in hand, you'll be able to turn on your favorite jam blaring out of two indoor speakers, create a light show by flicking the switches on and off, and recharge your devices. If it gets too hot, a 9.2K BTU AC unit will cool things off, and a MaxxAir fan is there to pump fresh air into your unit. With a 30 A service and solar prep, you're looking at a completed Chase.

All that and a bag of potato chips later, and we're looking at a camper with a dry weight that actually varies between 1,060 lbs and 1,280 lbs (581 kg) and can handle up to a total of 2,200 lbs (998 kg). But I have a slight problem with what's going on here.

Flyer Chase
Photo: inTech
As I explored the manufacturer's website, I realized that this is all we get for the $13K, so anything else that you might need on your trips is going to cost you extra. Oh, and some features you'll surely need to get, especially if you're planning off-grid days.

For example, the roof rack is essential if you're looking to bring along a galley unit and any waterworks, but it can also help you accommodate up to five people - this is the family-friendly bit. With a tent annex and an awning, you should be set for some rather relaxing and nature-filled days. Do look into those off-road tires if you're planning some dirt roads, and if you really want to go one step further, a suspension upgrade is sure to be a good choice.

All that's left to do now is take a moment out of your busy day to imagine yourself and your family exploring the US with a Chase hanging out behind your truck. See yourselves pulling off onto some dirt road that leads to an unknown place. Find massive rock formations in the desert. Unload your gear and e-bikes, and ride a round in the sun, getting to know the very lands you walk upon.

Later in the evening, spark a fire, check out the star-filled sky above and dream a little. When you're ready, head inside and really complete the dream, only to be awoken the next day by the sounds of birds chirping outside or cicadas buzzing nearby. Swing open the doors and do it all over again. Hmm, sounds like a very relaxing way to spend some summer days this year.
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