Google Urges Android Auto Users to Update Phones for Critical Bug Fix

The “OK, Google” wake-up phrase for Google Assistant on Android Auto has been broken for quite a while but in August, Samsung came up with an update that was the best news in a long time for its users.
Key Android Auto feature working again 1 photo
Samsung’s update to OneUI 2.1 resolved the whole thing for those using a Galaxy smartphone, with the Android Auto team itself confirming on Google’s forums that updating devices would restore the feature to launch Google Assistant with a voice command.

But since users keep complaining about the issue, a Google employee has now turned to the forums to urge everyone to update their phones and see if the latest Samsung release indeed resolves the Google Assistant bug. If it doesn’t, filling out a form to send more feedback on the whole thing should be the next step, Matt B., a Google Assistant Community Manager, says.

Your feedback has been helpful, thank you. We recommend that you update to the newest version and we hope that fixes your issue. If not, we would love to follow up with you separately and ask that you fill out this form to let us know a little more about your setup,” he posted.

While Samsung rolling out an update to resolve the bug on its phones is certainly good news, there are two different problems that need to be highlighted now.

First of all, the availability of Samsung’s update for devices across the world depends on a series of factors, and as owners of devices manufactured by the South Korean company learned the hard way, it could sometimes take months until a highly anticipated update lands on their phones.

And second of all, the bug also seems to affect non-Samsung devices, including LG Android phones, in which case the patch that Google is pointing to can’t help. For now, your best option is to just reach out to the Mountain View-based search giant and just let the Android Auto team if something isn’t working as planned regardless of your mobile device brand.


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