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Google Releases Highly Anticipated Android Auto Update, Major Fixes Expected

Google has just released a new Android Auto update, but as per the company’s typical approach, no changelog has been provided.
Android Auto getting more fixes in new update 1 photo
In other words, Android Auto 5.7.6039 (the previous version was 5.6.6034) is available for download today, only that we still don’t know exactly what it’s supposed to bring new to users out there.

However, while an official changelog is missing, Android Auto 5.7 is expected to come with two very important fixes, and one of them concerns the experience after updating a device to Android 11.

Shipped a few weeks ago, Android 11 introduced all kinds of problems for Android Auto users, and one of them affected the ability to make calls while driving. Many users discovered that after installing Android 11 on their devices, making phone calls no longer worked unless their smartphones were unlocked. Google discovered that the whole thing happened because of the screensaver, so disabling it was a temporary workaround.

Google, however, also developed a fix, and the next version of Android Auto was supposed to bring it to everybody, which means that build 5.7 could be the highly anticipated release that restores phone calls on devices updated to Android 11.

And then, the Mountain View-based search giant has also confirmed that an upcoming Android Auto update would bring a fix for the “this app isn’t compatible with your device anymoreerror that was encountered on the Google Pixel 3a. This prevented some Google Pixel owners from using Android Auto in their cars, and once again, Google found the cause of the problem, developed a fix, and promised to release it to everyone with an app update.

The rollout of Android Auto 5.7 on the Google Play Store is happening in stages, which means that the new version might not be live on your device just yet. To avoid waiting, you can just download Android Auto 5.7 on your smartphone and install it manually.


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