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The Number One Android Auto Music App Failing with Mysterious Error

Spotify has become the preferred choice for the music listening experience behind the wheel, but like the rest of the apps on Android Auto, it could also come across various issues totally out of the blue.
Spotify on Android Auto 1 photo
This is what’s happening right now for some users who turned to Google’s forums to report the whole thing, as Spotify just fails to load and the only thing that it displays is an error which is as generic as it is mysterious because it just points to the obvious.

Spotify doesn’t seem to be working” or “There’s a problem with Spotify” is the message that shows up on the screen, and right now, it’s not really clear what’s causing the problem and how it can be fixed.

Interestingly, while some claim that switching from Android Auto to Bluetooth restores the typical behavior of the app and therefore allows them to listen to music, others explain that this doesn’t make any difference either, in which case the mobile app could be the one to blame.

But most often, Spotify just fails to load on Android Auto, and resetting the app, clearing the cache, and removing the data obviously make absolutely no difference.

Similar issue here with Citroen C4. When I ask to play Spotify it sometimes says something like ‘there's a problem with Spotify, please open the Spotify app to continue’. Or I won't get an assistant response and the play button will simply disappear. Quite often when it gives me the first response I can still press the play button and play the last song played but more often it won't play anything,” one user explains.

Spotify struggles on Android Auto aren’t something new, as I previously came across such problems more than a year ago. While in most cases such a behavior is caused by a poor data connection, one of the software updates released by the parent company did the trick for me, restoring Spotify on Android Auto completely.

On the other hand, I’ve also encountered an app loading issue that affected not only Spotify but all media apps, including Deezer. This was something which I believe was caused by Android Auto, and it once again went away with an update shipped by Google.


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