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Google Maps Mysteriously Disappears from Android Auto After Recent Update

Android 12 is already here, and in theory, it’s a massive release that comes with a ton of improvements for devices running Google’s mobile operating system.
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But as far as the Android Auto experience is concerned, installing the new OS version on a smartphone is more like Russian roulette, as users keep coming across problems that weren’t there before the update.

Most recently, some of those who decided to update their devices to Android 12 discovered that Google Maps just disappeared all of a sudden from Android Auto. In other words, once they connect their smartphones to the head unit in a car, Google Maps goes missing, and starting the navigation is pretty much impossible.

Several users have confirmed here on Google’s forums that similar behavior is happening on their devices as well, and in all cases, the culprit appears to be the update to Android 12.

Of course, it’s not exactly clear why the new operating system version causes Google Maps to no longer be available on Android Auto, and unfortunately, no workaround is known to exist at this point. In other words, if you’re struggling with this error on your instance of Android Auto, there’s no other option than to wait for Google to come up with a fix.

The good news is the search giant is already looking into the problem. An Android Auto community specialist has confirmed this week that the error has already been forwarded to the rest of the team.

On the other hand, there’s no ETA regarding a possible release of this highly anticipated fix, so for the time being, users are all alone in their quest to find a workaround.

Since the downgrade to Android 11 isn’t really an option, the best way to deal with the mysterious demise of Google Maps on Android Auto is to switch to an alternative navigation app temporarily. One of the best replacements is obviously the Google-owned Waze.


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