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Google Maps Goes Missing After the Latest Android Auto Update, Waze Still There

Google Maps is without a doubt the preferred navigation app for people running Android Auto, though, at the same time, users are also provided with a series of alternatives, including Waze.
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And as it turns out, switching to one of these alternatives is currently the only option for some unlucky Android Auto users who came across a rather unusual bug after installing the most recent update for the app.

A bunch of posts on Google’s support forums reveal that the update to Android Auto 7.2 caused Google Maps to go missing in the car, therefore making it impossible to launch the navigation if this is the only app installed on the phone.

It’s not exactly clear who’s affected and who isn’t, but at first glance, the update somehow made Google Maps unavailable only on Android Auto. The app is still there on the mobile device, and it can be normally launched when the phone is not connected to the head unit in the car.

One of the users struggling with this problem claims they already reached out to Samsung to get assistance on dealing with the whole thing. However, the South Korean company explained it’s not an error happening on their side, instead of blaming Android Auto and recommending the customer to reach out to Google.

At this point, however, the Mountain View-based search giant is yet to acknowledge the issue and provide a workaround, though, at the same time, it’s important to keep in mind the bug may not be widespread in the first place.

Right now, the only option for those who are struggling with this problem appears to be a temporary switch to an alternative app such as Waze. Of course, if they just want Google Maps no matter what, the only solution is to just avoid launching Android Auto, therefore running the app on their mobile device with the navigation shown on the phone’s screen.


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