Google Confirms Another Important Android Auto Improvement

Google has recently released Android Auto 6.2, but it’s a previous version that actually comes with a major fix for users out there.
Android Auto 6.2 is now rolling out through the Play Store 1 photo
A member of the Android Auto team recently confirmed that Android Auto 6.1, which was released in February, resolves a glitch hitting some Android 11 users that caused the audio, be it from phone calls or playing music, to be sent to the phone speakers.

In other words, if you were listening to music in your car with the phone connected to the head unit and Android Auto running on the screen, there was a chance the audio was sent to the mobile device and not to the speakers in the cabin.

Google says it managed to fix the whole thing, confirming it only happened on Android 11 devices. So, in theory, the problem was introduced by this operating system update, and it shouldn’t exist on mobile devices running Android 10.

If you are experiencing an issue where the audio is playing from your phone speakers instead of the car speakers on Android Auto after upgrading your phone operating system to Android 11, a fix has already been rolled out with the Android Auto app version 6.1. We recommend updating the app to the latest version,” an Android Auto team member said a few hours ago.

Of course, the newly-released Android Auto 6.2 update should also include this particular fix as well as a bunch more, so you should download the latest version to make sure you’re getting all of them on your device too.

Google hasn’t provided a list of improvements that are part of version 6.2, so for the time being, no official information is available in this regard. Still, as everybody knows, there’s a good chance more important fixes are hiding in there. The only thing we can do is install the latest update and see if a problem we previously came across is still there.


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