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Google Confirms Android Auto Bug Caused by New Update, Hopefully Not Widespread

Depending on how lucky you are, Android Auto can provide either a super-smooth ride or a nightmare experience that’s full of bugs not even Google can explain.
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Android Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interfaceAndroid Auto interface
Unfortunately, new problems sometimes show up even after installing the newest versions of the app, which means that updating Android Auto has become a Russian roulette some people are already afraid of playing.

Installing a recent update, for instance, is apparently breaking down the way Android Auto recognizes the contacts stored on the phone, with users first reporting the problem in late November.

More specifically, these users claim that Android Auto can no longer run any voice command that involves a saved contact simply because it can no longer understand the names. It all started after installing a recent Android Auto update, users say, and at this point, there’s no workaround that seems to be bringing things back to normal.

At first glance, however, Android Auto might not be the one to blame for the whole thing.

The voice commands on Android Auto are powered by Google Assistant, which in its turn is powered by Google Assistant. So if something goes wrong on this front, it’s mostly because of Google Assistant, so the culprit could be a recent Google app update.

On the other hand, the Mountain View-based search giant has already acknowledged this error, explaining in a post that the Android Auto team is currently investigating all these reports.

Unfortunately, nobody, not even Google, can provide an ETA as to when the fix could go live, so for the time being, users have no other option than to just try the typical downgrades to earlier app versions.

Given Android Auto might not necessarily be the culprit, you should also try downgrading the Google app as well, as installing an earlier version could sometimes restore voice commands temporarily until the search giant itself comes up with a full patch.


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