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Another Navigation App Struggling on Android Auto, No Solid Alternative

There are plenty of navigation apps with support for Android Auto out there, but needless to say, most people choose Google Maps, Waze, TomTom GO Navigation, and a few others.
TomTom GO Navigation on Android Auto 7 photos
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So in theory, the majority of users are on these apps, which at some level makes perfect sense. These are the solutions providing the most advanced feature lineups and making the navigation process overall more straightforward and convenient.

On the other hand, more and more apps end up struggling on Android Auto, making it really hard for users to pick a daily driver and then stick with it in the long term.

After Google Maps, which has encountered several errors on Android Auto lately, it’s the turn of TomTom GO Navigation to misbehave in the car when the Android mobile device is connected to the head unit.

In this case, the problems started in November when TomTom GO Navigation received the update to version 3.3.14. At that point, users started reporting crashes and freezes happening regularly, with the app sometimes restarting automatically but still losing the navigation settings.

Some users managed to fix the whole thing by simply removing the Serena navigation voice, but on the other hand, this failed to do the trick for others.

TomTom said in mid-November it was aware of the problem, though it’s still not clear if the company managed to resolve it or not. Later the same month, it shipped version 3.3.31, which according to the changelog, was only a stability release with bug fixes and improvements.

Users are still reporting occasional crashes, so at this point, it just looks like TomTom needs to roll out another update to address this behavior and increase the overall stability of its navigation app.

In the meantime, if you’re searching for an alternative, it’s hard to find one that always works perfectly on Android Auto. If you’re lucky, however, the likes of Google Maps and Waze may not exhibit any major bugs in your car, at least temporarily until TomTom comes up with a full fix.

Editor's note: The gallery also includes photos of other TomTom navigation software.


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