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Giant Drops Advanced 2 and 3 Carbon Gravel-Crushing Machines for Less Than $3K
With advancements in technology, we're starting to see more and more affordable gear. This applies to the cycling industry, and Giant just released gravel carbon bikes that come in under the $3K mark.

Giant Drops Advanced 2 and 3 Carbon Gravel-Crushing Machines for Less Than $3K

Folks, Giant has been around since 1972. With a focus on innovation, craftsmanship, and technology, this team has grown to be one of the manufacturers you see at the front of the cycling pack with crews like Trek, Specialized, and even Bianchi. Giant is fighting for its right to be one of the big guns by continuously dropping gear and machines meant to offer riders a peak cycling experience.

The newest addition to their family is a pair of gravel-destroying demons made out of nothing more than carbon composite. Best of all, both of these bikes cruise in for under $3K. Time to see what sort of bike you can own for less than $3K.

The two bikes are the Revolt Advanced 3 and Advanced 2 and are priced at 2,300 USD (1,990 EUR at current exchange rates) and 2,800 USD (2,423 EUR at current exchange rates), respectively. Both bikes feature the same frame composition but differ in features like drivetrain and cockpit.

Each frame is completed using Giant's Advanced-Grade Composite construction which takes raw carbon and mixes it with an array of other materials to yield a lightweight, stiff, and compliant frame, each with a modified monocoque construction. The fork is completed from the same stuff too. Since no suspension feature is found on the bike, the composite will be all you have to reduce vibrations.

The main discerning feature between the two bikes is the drivetrain. For the Advanced 3, Giant throws on Shimano GRX shifters with a Tiagra front derailleur and GRX-RX400 rear derailleur. These components then control a KMC X10-1 chain on a Tiagra cassette with 11-34T. I understand that Tiagra isn't necessarily the most favored Shimano gear, but if you want to throw in some extra cash and upgrade this system, you'll still fall under $3K, or just grab the next bike on this list.

As for the Advanced 2, this puppy is rocking a full GRX setup with RX-600 shifters, RX-810 front and rear derailleur, and a Shimano 105 cassette with 11-34T once again. One thing to note is that the 3 is equipped with a 2x10 drivetrain, and the 2 sports a 2x11 drivetrain.

Both bikes feature GRX RX-400 brakes with 160 mm (6.3 in) rotors for braking, but the Advanced 2 features RX-600 levers instead of RX-400 as the Advanced 3.

The lack of suspension also means that rims and tires will be a focal point for this bike; after all, the bikes have to reduce vibrations somehow. To do that, each of these two bikes is equipped with Giant P-X2 Disc wheels, hubs, and spokes, while Giant CrossCut AT 1 tubeless tires helps dampen bumps and shocks.

One feature that gravel riders should get a kick out of is the flip-chip on the rear dropout. Depending on rider preferences and style, you can adjust the wheelbase using a long or short stance.

As far as how light these bikes are, Giant doesn't make any mention; instead, they urge you to head out to your local dealership and find out there. I think this is just to get you to see and touch an Advanced as you probably won't be walking out of the store empty-handed. If you do, you'll probably dream about these bikes later that night.

Personally, I can't wait until carbon fiber becomes the new steel. With the way things seem to be moving in terms of technology, carbon bikes will only get less and less expensive.

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