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Ford Ranchero Raptor Looks Ready to Explore the Great Outdoors

Everyone and their grandmother know what the Ford Ranchero is, aka the Chevrolet El Camino’s direct rival, which also took on the likes of the Dodge Rampage at one point. But have you ever heard of a Ford Ranchero Raptor?
Ford Ranchero - Rendering 6 photos
Ford Ranchero - RenderingFord Ranchero - RenderingFord Ranchero - RenderingFord Ranchero - RenderingFord Ranchero
Unless your imagination runs a bit too wild, then the answer to that question is obviously no, as the Blue Oval hasn’t tested the waters with such a version. Not only that, but given that it would have come out back when the word crossover had yet to be used on a large scale in the automotive industry, its more generous ground clearance and other work wouldn’t have been that appealing.

Still, it would have probably sold in decent numbers, and if you are wondering what it would’ve looked like, then the answer comes from Jlord8 on Instagram, who threw the Ford Ranchero into the CGI blender, to come up with a more rugged derivative. It adds the Raptor suffix because it does feature a few upgrades inspired by the real Raptors in the Dearborn company’s stable and seems ready to take on a few arduous tracks.

Building on the fifth-generation Ranchero, which was made in 1970 and 1971, packing an assortment of V8s, and a single straight-six under that long hood, the hypothetical Ranchero Raptor sits much higher than the real deal. It rides on a set of modern wheels, shod in chunky rubber to enhance traction on slippery surfaces, sports underbody protection, reworked arches, and new decals on the sides that put the spotlight on its more versatile nature.

Now, turning the Ford Ranchero into a full-blown Raptor, albeit an unofficial one, shouldn’t be that hard. After all, it needs different suspension, steel plates, new wheels and tires, and a few other bits and bobs. But would it be your cup of tea? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments area down below.


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