Ford Mustang Filmed Doing What It Does Best, Powersliding and Brutally Stopping for a Rest

There is definitely no shortage of videos showing muscle cars doing all sorts of stupid stunts, and then crashing. The latest example that we came across involved an out-of-control Ford Mustang that got stranded on the median.
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Photo: Instagram | lsx.videos
Ford MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord MustangFord Mustang
Presumably in the EcoBoost configuration, judging by the sound produced by the engine, this black Ford Mustang was filmed taking a right turn, with its overenthusiastic driver eager to show off.

With the right pedal to the metal, the muscle car then lost traction, revealing its unpredictable nature, and heading head-first towards the median. Hitting the brakes did little to stop it, as it then climbed the median, and appears to have clipped a minivan that was coming from the opposite direction.

On a positive note, no one was injured, save for the Mustang driver’s ego, of course, and their ride, which is going to have to pay a visit to the plastic surgeon to get its smile back. While they are at it, they should inspect the underbody, as the close encounter of the third kind with the solid piece of concrete has definitely left its marks on it, and we’d check the suspension and brakes too, just to make sure.

The whens and wheres of this accident are unknown, as lsx.videos on Instagram, the user who uploaded the clip a few hours ago that is embedded at the bottom of the page, hasn’t said anything about it. Thus, your guess is as good as ours as to when and where it happened.

And before wrapping it up, we will remind you about the last time we saw a Mustang stranded on the median, last month. That incident was apparently recorded in Los Angeles and saw the Blue Oval muscle car crashing subsequent to a failed drifting attempt. Remember, kids, keep the car thrashing away from public roads, as you too could make headlines, or worse.

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