Ferrari "Silver Star" Rendered, Looks Like a Coachbuilt F12

In theory, modern fabrication technologies, such as 3D printing, should allow coachbuilding to flourish. Nevertheless, this form of art is still far from having reached its true potential in the modern era - wouldn't it be amazing to choose your engine and chassis from an established carmaker and then select a body of your choice? Of course, if Ferrari's name is dropped in such a scenario, you can expect the result to be spectacular.
Ferrari "Silver Star" Rendered 6 photos
Ferrari "Silver Star" renderingFerrari "Silver Star" renderingFerrari "Silver Star" renderingFerrari "Silver Star" renderingFerrari "Silver Star" rendering
In a way, coachbuilding has become available to a large groups of gear heads, but the results of this new-age work are confined to our screens, since we're talking about renderings here.

In fact, I've brought along an example of this, one you'll get to see in the image gallery above. We're talking about a proposal coming from an independent artist, who has decided to give us a different take on the astounding Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.

Ugur Sahin Design is the name of the label that came up with the eye candy we have here. While beauty is obviously in the eye of the beholder, we can certainly state that the machine sitting before us is completely different to the factory model.

The styling mixed modern details with retro elements, such as the individual throttle bodies that protrude through that long hood, or the side gills (Ferrari 250 GTO, anybody?).

Nevertheless, the front end of this digital build is not that far from that of the Ferrari California, a model that never reached the standards set by the rest of the Prancing Horse range - here's a review that goes into the details.

The silver finish of the project is a bold move, since it's clear this project doesn't play the Rosso Corsa card to introduce the Maranello identity.

Returning to the point made in the intro, the hopes are high when it comes to 3D printing revolutionizing the automotive sector and the latest example of this comes from the Czinger 21C, which can be considered the world's first 3D printed hypercar.


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