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Ferrari F12 TDF-Based Veloqx Fangio Officially Unveiled, Runs on Everything but Diesel

What’s a Veloqx? Good question! We will answer you. It’s what happens when you take traditional Italian supercars and turn them into hypercars. This is not an easy thing to do, so here’s the story.
2022 Veloqx Fangio Oficially Unveiled 7 photos
Veloqx Fangio Officially UnveiledVeloqx Fangio Officially UnveiledVeloqx Fangio Officially UnveiledVeloqx Fangio Officially UnveiledVeloqx Fangio Officially UnveiledVeloqx Fangio Officially Unveiled
If you’re not into exclusive real estate, then you have never heard about Veloqx, or more precisely Veloqx Holding. This company owns some of the most expensive commercial properties around the world. Banks work closely with the entity. They also have a racing pedigree. Almost 20 years ago, Veloqx was participating at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Audi R8 prototypes. But they stopped.

The heir of this entire empire has a passion for cars, and he announced last year that he intends to return to Le Mans, but not with Audis. He presented his own car in 2021 – called the Fangio – and it showed a lot of promise as its design surely attracted enough interest. Fast forward one year, and here we are: all 12 models built are already sold.

The Veloqx Fangio is based on Ferrari’s F12 TDF. The V12 remained but now it also runs on biofuels or hydrogen. Race gas is also an option. The Tifosi might recognize some shapes of this car, as the rear looks similar to the F12 TRS – a made-to-order Ferrari based on the F12 Berlinetta that took design ques from the 250 Testa Rossa.

The new Fangio aims at becoming a sustainable Le Mans racer, since the team behind the car wants to go back to racing in 2025. The 800 HP this impressive machine boasts doesn't necessarily scream green technology, but they tuned to engine to run on hydrogen or biofuels. The sound alone is impressive, as you can see the car doing a full run of the Yas Marina Circuit in the video below. The mildly changed Ferrari interior design doesn’t hurt either.

It’s not yet clear if Ferrari agreed with this entirely, but brands like Michelin are already involved with Veloqx. We might witness a late start for keeping the V12 alive and the birth of another coachbuilder that’s keen on performance and real exclusivity.

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Editor's note: Gallery shows photos of the Veloqx Fangio posted on Instagram by user tfjj.


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