Ferrari Enzo Gets in Crash on Its Way to a New Owner, This Will Not Buff Out

Ferrari Enzo crashed on Jersey island 7 photos
Photo: Screenshot from Twitter video by @matthwhowe69
Ferrari Enzo before being crashed on Jersey islandThe reuslt of a collision between a Ferrari Enzo and a Honda JazzThe reuslt of a collision between a Ferrari Enzo and a Honda JazzThe reuslt of a collision between a Ferrari Enzo and a Honda JazzThe reuslt of a collision between a Ferrari Enzo and a Honda JazzThe reuslt of a collision between a Ferrari Enzo and a Honda Jazz
The Ferrari Enzo is quite an appearance even today, so seeing one in person is an event. While that statement is true, the same can be said of an accident involving Maranello's hypercar of the early 2000s. Earlier this week, such an event occurred, and the Enzo was being driven by “a delivery driver.”
The Enzo in question was registered on the Island of Guernsey, but the accident occurred on the Isle of Jersey. Witnesses claim that the Ferrari was seen spinning, out of control, before hitting a Honda Jazz after it went past the central reservation between the two directions of travel.

Fortunately, the occupants of the Honda and the Ferrari will live to tell the tale of the event. Including to the police officers who were called to the scene. While the cause of the wreck is not specified, the driver of the Ferrari is believed to be at fault.

It all happened on Victoria Avenue in Jersey, and it is believed that the vehicle had just gotten off the ferry from Guernsey. The damage suffered by the Italian hypercar is extensive, and its frontal airbags have been activated. The passenger side airbag has been triggered as well, which might mean that the vehicle had a passenger, not just the driver, inside, but this is unconfirmed.

Returning to the Ferrari hypercar, we notice that both its rear quarter panels are damaged, and its right-side rear wheel is damaged, as well as no longer being upright. Most likely, the rear axle suffered damage as the vehicle spun out of control and hit a curb.

There is no footage of the accident, or if it exists, it has not been shared with the folks at Jersey Evening Post. Instead, we can see that someone posted a video of the Italian hypercar at the local airport earlier that day, which means that the Enzo had been deployed for various errands before this accident.

If a normal car that was made almost 20 years ago had been in an accident as severe as this one, insurers would declare it a write-off, and then send it to the crusher.

With a Ferrari Enzo, things are different, as it may not be deemed a total loss, and the vehicle may get repaired later. At an incredible cost, of course, but you cannot go and send a hypercar to the junkyard as easily as that.

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