EVE Online Receives Its Biggest Update to Mining and Industry, Take a Look at the Changes

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True to its promise, CCP revealed all the changes some of the less lucrative professions will be getting in the coming weeks. With the shortage phase ending, the fourth EVE Online Quadrant introduces important improvements to mining, including skills, resources, and ships.
The New Dawn update announced early this week brought just a fraction of the content CCP plans to add to the game by the end of the fourth Quadrant. Specifically, EVE Online players got two new exploration sites and the promise of another two, but that’s all the new content added this week apart from some visual and audio changes (the new warp sounds are awesome).

If you’re a new player or considering starting your adventure in New Eden, the upcoming update should bring the so-called Age of Prosperity in EVE Online. It makes perfect sense to start it with changes to resources and mining, the foundation of everything it exists in EVE Online.

That being said, CCP announced today that the update will introduce more raw materials into New Eden, along with compression for gas, ice, and moon ore. Also, updates to mining and mining crystals will be implemented too, as well as a rebalancing of some of the mining and industrial ships like the Orca and Rorqual, which will no longer be the go-to ships for those who prefer solo mining. Basically, they will receive a buff to their command bonuses and will be given new roles.

The most important thing about the New Dawn update is that it will double resource quantity of various resources:

  • Ore in asteroids belts
  • All Omber, Kernite, and Crokite quantities are doubled in sov anomalies
  • Ice belts (on top of the previous 200% increase)
  • Mykocerocin
  • Cytocerocin
  • Fullerine

Not only that, but the extraction rate from all moons will be doubled, and PI materials for certain subcapital and capital components will be reduced:

  • Halving water for core temperature regulators, used in battleship & capital construction
  • Significant reduction in P4 materials used in capital component production

In the coming weeks, CCP will add new specialized gas and ice holds to T1 industrials, expedition frigates, T1 barges, and T2 exhumers. More importantly, many of the mining ships will be further improved to make them less appealing targets for gankers. For example, the resistance profiles of all exhumers will be increased. Also, the base HP of Covetor and Retriever will be increased, and they will gain a mid-slot.

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Photo: CCP
New gas harvesters for all mining barges and exhumers will be added, along with a new compact industrial core for the Orca, which will require a new skill – Compact Industrial Reconfiguration. CCP really wants you to avoid using the Rorqual and Orca for solo mining, so their fleet boost capabilities will be further improved. With the introduction of moon ore compression for the Rorqual, with gas, ice, and regular ore compression for both Porpoise and Orca, the support role of these ships will be further enhanced.

With the New Dawn update, the Rorqual, Orca, and Porpoise will be able to do compression in space, although players will need to fit specialized modules for it. Keep in mind, though, that out of these three ships, just the Rorqual will be able to compress Moon Ore in space.

There will be new gas compression modules added for all gas types, as well as moon ore compression modules for all moon ore types. It’s important to mention that compressed types will now have the same portion size as their uncompressed counterparts.

As far as the new modules introduced for those who’d like to dabble into compression, here is what’s coming to EVE Online soon:

For the Rorqual
  • Mobile ore compression modules
  • Mobile moon ore compression modules
  • Mobile gas compression modules
  • Mobile ice compression modules

For the Orca and Porpoise

  • Compact mobile ore compression modules
  • Compact mobile gas compression modules
  • Compact mobile ice compression modules

Some details about these modules have been revealed too. For example, the Rorqual modules will have a higher duration per cycle, but they will be more efficient, while compact modules have reduced duration, but they are less efficient. Each module is meant to compress a specific resource.

EVE Online screenshot
Photo: CCP
All these changes to mining and compression will be sustained by a redesign of the skills tree. For those who want to fit the new compression modules to their ships, the following skills will be required:

  • Mobile Asteroid Ore Compression (allows the use of T1 mobile ore compression modules)
  • Mobile Asteroid Ore Compression Specialization (allows the use of T2 mobile ore compression modules)
  • Mobile Asteroid Ore Compression Optimization (reduces the cycle duration of ore compression modules)
  • Mobile Moon Ore Compression (allows the use of T1 mobile moon ore compression modules)
  • Mobile Moon Ore Compression Specialization (allows the use of T2 mobile moon ore compression modules)
  • Mobile Moon Ore Compression Optimization (reduces the cycle duration of moon ore compression modules)
  • Mobile Gas & Ice Compression (allows the use of T1 gas & ice compression modules)
  • Mobile Gas & Ice Compression Specialization (allows the use of T2 gas & ice compression modules)
  • Mobile Gas & Ice Compression Optimization (reduces the cycle duration of gas & ice compression modules)

The skills required to make use of the compression modules will be released by the end of November, so don’t go looking for them right now.

Another important upcoming change will streamline mining in highsec. The update introduces ore tiers and removes single ore mining crystals, and replaces them with tiered version. Basically, you’ll be able to mine common ore mining crystals in highsec using a single mining crystal to get bonuses for all common ores (Veldspar, Scordite, Pyroxeres, and Pagioclase).

EVE Online screenshot
Photo: CCP
Moreover, the reprocessing skills will be reworked to reflect all the changes to mining. Instead of having to train reprocessing skills for each resource, you will now have to train a single reprocessing skill per ore tier. CCP confirmed that players will be reimbursed the skill points and the ISK cost for the skill books, following the changes described above.

Finally, the mining and industrial ships will be rebalanced to clearly define their role in the game. The adjustments mostly concern the resource hold and are subject to change:

  • Specialized ore holds will support asteroid and moon ore, including compressed ore.
  • Specialized gas holds will support all gases, including compressed gases (Myko, Cyto, Fullerines).
  • Specialized ice holds will support all ice, including compressed ice.

The following ships with specialized holds will receive some bonuses:

  • Hoarder: gets a 30k gas hold and relevant bonus
  • Kryos: gets a 30k ice hold and relevant bonus
  • Primae: gets a 10k ice hold and 10k gas hold

All the details revealed by CCP today can be a bit overwhelming, especially for new players. On the bright side, each time any of these changes will make it to the game, we’ll get a refresh of what being added. EVE Online veterans can check out the numbers behind these upcoming changes by reading the Excel document made available by CCP.
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