Electric EXP 4 Rendering Shows Us What an Autonomous Supercar Should Look Like

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Photo: Rashid Tagirov
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The autonomous future we’ve been promised for the past years has arrived. However, it’s currently not looking as we might like. Let's face it, we still have our training wheels on.
For the next five minutes of our lives, let’s partake in a hypothetical situation and say that autonomous vehicles can now be seen everywhere. From farmlands, to highways, racetracks, and even urban streets, all we have to do is enjoy the ride.

One of the rides we could be seeing during our visit to autonomous land is the EXP 4 by Rashid Tagirov, an exterior designer at Peugeot in France. And being the exterior designer that he is, don’t expect to many details as far as a motor, suspension or any of that. But it’s still a concept so something interesting must be at hand, and there is.

One of the neat things I liked about this concept is that even though it has the same wheel structure as basically all future vehicles of this sort, the rest of the body is absolutely wonderful. The way the front and back lay on almost the same level gives the passengers a clear view of all their surroundings. But the crème de la crème of this vehicle comes from the minimal appearance of a chassis.

Photo: Rashid Tagirov
Between the wheels, where we would normally find the rest of the car, there is no side paneling or support struts, or flooring, or even doors. As we can see, the passengers are completely exposed and lay very low to the ground as if in a supercar.

Now, being autonomous there is no need for a steering console, so none is found. But “inside” the vehicle we do find something, just the two seats. Now, these seats are supposed to give the impression that you’re floating, and they do that with the help of a suspensions systems attached right behind the buckets, after all, that’s what they look like, bucket seats.

The suspension systems can be seen from the lateral or rear view of the vehicle and are those black arms that come out of the rear of the EXP and attach to the seats. What’s inside, or how they function, we have no details on, but they look like they work, on paper anyway.

Photo: Rashid Tagirov
But what about our legs? What about them? Oh, right, they can’t just be dangling around like a Flintstones cartoon. Don’t worry, the designer took care of the leg issues with two more smaller buckets, right across from the passengers, that act as footrests. The position of the riders is nearly the same position as if you were in some Lambo or Ferrari. With a five-point harness and a pair of motorcycle helmets, as there is no windshield, you’re ready to fly around the streets.

To help you do that, we find a battery pack that can be seen at the front of the car. Can you spot it? If you can’t, it’s that black strip between the front wheels. It’s supposed to even be small enough to detach and recharge without needing the vehicle itself.

Yeah, it’s a neat looking design that would look good even on an ICE ride, but my only question about the design is this. What the heck do you do if you hit one of those huge speed bumps that are lying around our towns? Do you just take it or is there some sort of system to protect your bottom from any abuse?
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