Drunk Driver Acts like a Mindless Idiot, Faces Legal Consequences

A Skoda driver swerves to the wrong side of the road 6 photos
Photo: YouTube capture
Drunk driver acting irresponsiblyDrunk driver acting irresponsiblyDrunk driver acting irresponsiblyDrunk driver acting irresponsiblyDrunk driver acting irresponsibly
A Romanian rider minding his own business had a brush with death after an encounter with an idiot driver who almost impacted him head-on on a dual carriageway.
The motorcyclist barely avoided the frontal impact braking for dear life and getting off the road, riding on the narrow gravel strip separating the asphalt and the grass.

What is even more disturbing is observing that the driver of the Skoda appears to swerve to the side of the road when he spots the approaching motorbike. Unfortunately, it's not the first time when we see drivers who are stupid enough to believe that "let's scare the s**t out of that biker" is a fun thing. And it's not exactly rarely when such idiotic "games" result in horrific crashes, sometimes with fatal consequences.

The helmet cam is a trustworthy ride companion

The driver did not appear to give a flying fudge about pushing the rider off the road and drove on as if nothing happened. Seeing that he remained alive and upright, and knowing that his helmet cam was recording when the whole thing occurred, the rider turned around and pursued the Skoda.

Once he caught up with the car, the rider realized that the driver was under the influence. Drunk, that is. The footage recorded by his camera was handed over to the cops, and the Police then took over the case, with a pending license suspension and a criminal investigation being initiated for multiple charges.

It's hard to estimate the speed of the two vehicles because the video was slowed down, but watching the scenes at the beginning makes us figure that the rider was not doing more than 90 km/h (56 mph) at best.

The same estimation for the Skoda is much harder to make, but one thing is certain. A rider who would have panicked in this predicament, losing control and possibly hitting the car head-on would have most likely sustained massive injuries, if not a much worse fate.

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