Why Testing Your Luck as a Rider Against a Truck Is Bad for Your Health

These women were lucky... this time 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
One of the downsides of driving a truck is that the vehicle has a lot of blind spots. If you've ever wondered why certain trucks have extra mirrors installed around the cockpit, with some of them seemingly not making full sense at first glance, you should know that they help drivers keep an eye on the blind spots.
You will occasionally see mirrors attached to the upper edge of the cabin doors, and they provide the driver with a better angle that allows to see what is happening on the ground in the vicinity of the wheels. Many of these mirrors are also curved so they offer an extended field of vision.

Mirrors mounted on the outside in the center of the windscreen and facing 45 degrees towards the driver allows the person operating the vehicle to see if there is an obstacle of some sort in the way... an obstacle such as an ignorant scooter rider.

Entering a truck's blind spot exposes the careless rider to serious dangers

Now, it doesn't take a transport expert to understand that trying one's luck against a truck whose driver is not aware of a foreign presence so close to the vehicle is a very bad idea.

Trucks are heavy and have massive wheels that extend a significant amount outside the truck's dimensions when steering to the maximum in either direction. They can "hook" unaware passers-by and cause injuries or death.

Even more, trucks are rather hard to set in motion and even harder to stop, with their weight increasing inertia and making things worse in case something goes wrong.

The three Chinese women on the scooter are incredibly lucky for not being mashed into a bloody pulp under the truck's wheels, and the fault belongs entirely to the one who rode the scooter.

Even after they got out of the truck's way, they were still inches from the rest of its wheels and in grave danger. Luckily, they all escaped, most likely with minor bruises and hopefully, with the scare of a lifetime and a lesson learned.

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