Watch Me Wheelie and Hit That Car Head-On

This encounter does not bide well 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
You all know at least one guy who likes to show off no matter what, and who is oblivious as to the dangers of pulling stunts without wearing protective gear. Some of us even KNEW such guys who were killed in tragic accidents.
Still, it looks like the bevy of movies and photos on the internet showing how awfully wrong things can go at times is not enough, so we'll just have to keep on watching people getting hurt because of their own mindlessness.

Take, for example, this chap. Obviously, he sort of knows his way around ATVs, but his skills are clearly not as good as he thinks. He may pull a wheelie for dozens of yards on a street, but he's not able to control where this quad is going.

Landing a wheelie can cause problems, but riding on the wrong side of the road is much worse

Having the front end of a bike or ATV airborne is a rather simple task, provided the rider is smart enough to roll off the throttle before flipping on the back. Landing may cause problems for the guys with poor balancing skills and those who can't keep the front wheel(s) lined up when touching the ground.

However, nothing is more dangerous than straying from the straight line and drifting onto the wrong side of the road. With the rider seated during the wheelie, vision is poor, to say the least, and he or she will have a hard time seeing where the vehicle is heading.

In this case, and an incredibly lucky one if we may add, the ATV steered left into the opposite lane and impacted a car almost head-on. The rider was thrown from the saddle, did a flip in mid-air, and landed hard on the road.

We don't know the extent of the injuries he sustained, but it looks like his fate could have been much worse should the ATV have been few inches closer to the left side of the road. Likewise, a smarter rider would have used at least a helmet, if not full riding gear, but you know what they say, "I'm too good for this." At least, until the wounds start healing...

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