Stupid ATV Jump Teaches Rider a Brutal Lesson, or Does It?

A brutal ATV crash 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
You know my opinion when it comes to people riding ATVs or motorcycles without even wearing a crash helmet: it is called natural selection, with various degrees of Darwin Awards style points about them.
The idiot in this video makes no exception, save for the Darwin part, maybe, but he is just as mindless as countless others who get killed or mutilated each week around the world.

Still, the reasons why people feel that ATVs are so safe that wearing a helmet is not necessary elude me, but I get to see such people in real life quite often. And if strolling around the town on a quad may indeed seem less perilous, the same can't be said when one plans to make high-speed jumps.

I mean, the odds of something going wrong when riding an ATV in such a manner are truly high. But still, it looks like for some guys, such risks are not worthy of being acknowledged. And then, crashes like this take place.

Inches away from a crash that could have killed this rider

It's no use talking too much about the dynamics of the crash because people who are mindless enough to set off for such stunts while wearing no protective gear whatsoever are most likely not interested in physics.

I do hope that this chap recovers and watches the video. Maybe he will understand how close he was to being squashed into a mass of bleeding pulp, with three quarters of the 200+ bones in his body fractured and all.

Several extra feet of flight would have tipped the ATV enough to cause this fellow to fall from the seat with excellent odds of ending up under the mass of metal crashing hard into the ground. Imagining such a scenario indeed makes me wonder how much a helmet or back protector can help...

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