Pondering Between Calling the Cops or Kicking Some Teeth In

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Photo: YouTube capture
Reckless and, sometimes, plain idiot drivers can give a motorcycle rider a hard time during the warm season and on dry, perfect roads. Now, how about having one of these morons doing an illegal U-turn in front of your bike during the winter? Funny, isn't it?
Well, in case you think this sounds insane, I can add more to the "fun factor." How about you manage to slow down in time and avoid a collision, honk and be greeted by an aggressive driver?

That's right, a guy who would almost start throwing punches because you dared honk, or even ride your stupid motorcycle on the same road as His Grace? And making things even "better," the entire communication "skills" of such an imbecile are reduced to "keskia"? That is his funny way to pronounce the French interrogation "que'est-ce qu'il y a," roughly translating to "what's going on."

Choices, choices, choices...

Now, facing such knobs, the choices are hard, seriously. There is the dark force that pushes me to think about clenching the fist, kicking that idiot's teeth in hard and then ride away... come what may.

On the other hand, given the helmet camera, the rider, who by the way is a certain Fabian, could have taken his time to file a complaint with the nearest police section. Considering the fact that the idiot in the Smart made threats, I guess the cops would have had a nice time interviewing the bloke. In case you don't understand French, "Degage, je vais te tuer!" stands for "Beat it, I will kill you!"

Definitely not a nice thing to say to a rider. For some reason, in the US, a motorist would refrain from making such threats, regardless of the fact that he is guilty or not.

This only reminds me of a very similar crash involving a driver cutting a rider off, but coming off with way more extensive injuries than the motorcyclist, learning the lesson the very hard way and being left with permanent damages. Is that really necessary for people
to understand that not being an a-hole behind the wheel pays off?

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