Donkervoort Is Launching a New, Limited-Edition Supercar, the F22

Donkervoort F22 7 photos
Photo: Donkervoort Automobielen
Donkervoort F22 sketchDonkervoort F22 sketchDonkervoort F22 sketchDonkervoort D8 GTO Individual SeriesDonkervoort D8 GTO Individual SeriesDonkervoort D8 GTO Individual Series
Donkervoort’s upcoming F22 “will be worth the weight,” according to the company (and that’s not a typo).
Family-owned Dutch supercar maker Donkervoort Automobielen released a short teaser of its upcoming limited-edition model, the F22. The short 12-second video reveals the car’s shadowy silhouette as seen from the back as the new taillights light up.

The new two-door, two-seater will mark the end of the D8 GTO era, offering performance improvements over its predecessor while using less fuel and weighing “considerably less than 800 kg,” which is around 1,764 lbs.

Not only will the new car continue to offer hypercar technology at supercar prices, but it will also bring along new lightweight technologies and an innovative roof design. Additionally, the F22 will be equipped with a new manual gearbox, as well as a new active suspension system.

Considering the previous model, the D8 GTO packs 435 hp (441 ps) and 570 Nm (420 lb-ft) of torque and goes from 0 to 62 mph (0-100 km/h) in 2.6 seconds, it seems the new car will be blazingly fast. That being said, the new F22 will also be larger and offer more than double the chassis rigidity of its predecessor.

You can assume the F22 will be faster than the D8 GTO,” said Managing Director Denis Donkervoort. “The F22 is first and foremost a road car, and we have prioritized driver engagement, progressive handling and driving fun over an absolute obsession with lap times - and will still be capable of very fast lap times,” he added.

Currently, there’s no word on the pricing, but consider that the older D8 GTO model costs around $240,000 plus tax, which is definitely not cheap. With that in mind, the F22 will probably cost even more. The new car will launch online from Donkervoort’s Headquarters in Lelystad, the Netherlands, on December 10.

The event is happening on the exact same day that this Ferrari F50 is set to go under the hammer.
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