Does the Honda Prelude Concept Look Even Better in CGI Production Form or Tuned?

Honda Prelude CGI tuning by hugosilvadesigns & musartwork 10 photos
Photo: musartwork / hugosilvadesigns / Instagram
Honda Prelude CGI tuning by hugosilvadesigns & musartworkHonda Prelude CGI tuning by hugosilvadesigns & musartworkHonda Prelude CGI tuning by hugosilvadesigns & musartworkFirst-generation Honda PreludeSecond-generation Honda PreludeThird-generation Honda PreludeFourth-generation Honda PreludeFifth-generation Honda PreludeThe Honda Prelude concept car
Of course, no one really expected the highly lucrative and imaginative realm of digital car content creators to stand still and not take a jab at Honda's reinvented Prelude, right?
Everyone in the automotive industry who loves JDM vehicles currently has their eyes on the inaugural edition of the Japan Mobility Show – formerly known for almost seven decades as the Tokyo Motor Show.

As far as we can tell, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association mobilized everyone to make the first JMS memorable. And literally, all Japanese carmakers answered the call, from tiny brands like Suzuki or Daihatsu to the global giants Toyota, Nissan, or Honda.

Speaking of the latter automaker, unlike many of its peers, the company kept its trump card for the press days - October 25 and 26, followed by today's invitation-only event and the general public access from October 28 to November 5. While others tried to steal the show for days in advance (think about the staggered Nissan Hyper premieres), Honda knew it would capture the red carpet's spotlight the moment when they dropped the bomb: the revival of the Prelude nameplate.

The latter was a two-door sport compact coupe manufactured over five generations between 1978 and 2001 – and some of them were pretty memorable thanks to their quirky design. Honda's all-new Prelude doesn't necessarily stand out in the crowd from that POV, and understandably, some fans might feel upset that they were looking at a run-of-the-mill hybrid-powered concept when they dreamed for years of the Prelude revival.

Alas, that doesn't mean it's any less enticing to think that Honda is giving everyone the Integra they desired – with a coupe roofline. As such, it's also understandable that the CGI world's pixel masters quickly turned the OEM's near-production prototype into something you wouldn't mind buying and driving to the office and back during the weekdays and then hoon on a nice little track or in the mountains during the weekends.

Naturally, to make the better of that, a little aftermarket intervention never hurt anyone, right? So, first meet Hugo Silva, the virtual artist better known as hugosilvadesigns on social media, who is ready to make Honda Prelude fans yellow with envy at the sight of his subtly widebody interpretation. It comes not just with traditional white aftermarket wheels but also some nice glossy black aero touches, plus a lowered stance. And voila, the Honda Prelude looks ready for some touge racing battles!

Concurrently, if you want to make it a showstopper, maybe we should talk to Musa Rio Tjahjono, also known as musartwork on social media when he's not impersonating his daily job of head Designer at the outrageously cool West Coast Customs! In his vision, the production-ready Honda Prelude would also dream of JDM-style affairs, this time around with dark bronze wheels and a black roof in addition to subtle aero goodies. So, which is your favorite?
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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Honda's Prelude Concept.

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