Dodge Polara Pursuit Land Yacht Gets Imagined as the Perfect C-Body Hemi Restomod

Stellantis is preparing to enter the novel EV era in America, and most of its brands have abandoned the old ways in favor of a new philosophy. But is that necessarily a good thing?
Dodge Polara Pursuit Hemi restomod rendering by abimelecdesign 7 photos
Photo: abimelecdesign / Instagram
Dodge Polara Pursuit Hemi restomod rendering by abimelecdesignDodge Polara Pursuit Hemi restomod rendering by abimelecdesignDodge Polara Pursuit Hemi restomod rendering by abimelecdesignDodge Polara Pursuit Hemi restomod rendering by abimelecdesignDodge Polara Pursuit Hemi restomod rendering by abimelecdesignDodge Polara Pursuit Hemi restomod rendering by abimelecdesign
Chrysler has ceased production of the 300 sedan, Dodge has ended manufacturing the Charger and Challenger, and both are awaiting the introduction of new models featuring only electricity at their core. Even Jeep is prepared to undergo a massive transformation with the use of the new STLA Large platform for the upcoming Wagoneer S and Recon EV models.

With the demise of the L-body automobiles, some will agree that it's time for a proper reinvention – Chrysler has teased the impending arrival of the next EV concept car, and Dodge won't take long before fully unveiling the next-gen Charger Daytona that adopts electricity as its source of power and at the same time reverts to the traditional two-door fastback coupe body style. However, not everyone agrees that we should move forward in that direction.

Some people would also love to take things into their own hands and bring back some beloved nameplates for additional contemporary use. The same applies to the imaginative realm of digital car content creators, where Abimelec Arellano, a virtual artist better known as abimelecdesign on social media, has prepared the newest wishful thinking project - and you'll either love or hate it for its simplicity and daringness. More precisely, the pixel master refocused his attention on a member of the Chrysler C-body family, the full-size Dodge Polara land yacht.

Because he wanted to start from a cool base of operations, he even chose the famous Dodge Polara Pursuit, a model that "would go on to achieve the record of the fastest Police car in the US (around 150 mph), a record that would stand until the introduction of the Dodge Charger Pursuit in 2006." His main reasons for choosing this particular vehicle are simple – this is his vision of a 'jack-of-all-trades' restomod if he was allowed to build one in the real world.

So, while the exterior is kept simple and quite understated – the only dead giveaway that something is amiss is the lowered attitude and the set of modern Rotiform BBKs dressed in the same black as the body. However, under the hood – and despite what the license plate says – there's no more 440ci V8, and instead, he digitally fitted a ProCharged Gen-III Hemi V8 that even comes with a touch of teal to break the silver and black monotony. Also, those Toyo Proxes R888Rs indicate this restomod means business at the track.

However, that doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to daily it, as the CGI expert added one final modern touch to the mix – his unofficial design project features a complete interior swap to modern Charger standards! So, would you buy such a land yacht restomod if anyone dared to bring this virtual artist's Hemi-infused vision to life?

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