Chrysler Imperial Digitally Returns From the Dead but Quickly Pales Into Insignificance

Do you know what else has paled into insignificance? That would be Chrysler USA. The Stellantis-owned brand only sells the Pacifica with internal combustion and plug-in hybrid power in our market, and the discontinued 300 is still listed on the official website.
2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering 10 photos
Photo: Behance | Nihar Mazumdar
2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering2025 Chrysler Imperial - Rendering
Production of the large sedan ended back in December when the last one saw the light of day at the Brampton factory in Canada. The second-generation Chrysler 300 was based on the same platform as the old W211 Mercedes E-Class and the W220 S-Class. The retired Charger and Challenger from Dodge also used this construction.

Only Stellantis knows what the future holds for the Chrysler 300. Some believe it might return in a slightly smaller packaging with electrified (and maybe fully electric) power, whereas others would bet all their savings on the model being dead for good. We are part of the former category, as it would be sad not to see a new sedan from the Auburn Hills company.

Things may be blurry and sad in the real world regarding the Chrysler 300, but it's quite the opposite in Fantasy Land. Several pixel manipulators have already imagined what a new one might look like, using a lot of CGI to fill in the massive gaps. This was Nihar Mazumdar's approach, too, with the virtual artist taking to Behance to present a digital take on a potentially new sedan from Chrysler.

2025 Chrysler Imperial \- Rendering
Photo: Behance | Nihar Mazumdar
Using the dead and buried second-generation as an almost blank canvas, the artist rearranged its pixels to come up with a new four-door model. And rather surprisingly, instead of using the 300 moniker, he went for the Imperial, adding that it is a liftback, though we cannot see a tailgate at the rear, and ending with a controversial word that we hope we'll never see next to any future Chrysler sedan: EV (electric vehicle).

To make it a bit more appealing, he sketched it out with two different grilles. One of them was clearly inspired by Jeep's lineup, which is also part of Stellantis, and the other is a bit more Chrysler-y. The car has new headlamps, a different bumper, and a few other modifications here and there. And one thing is certain: no one is going to mistake it for anything other than a rebadged Chrysler 300, as in the end, that's what it is, as much as this artist would want you to believe it's a digital revival of the Imperial.

Hopefully, these CGIs might inspire the company to develop a brand-new sedan, as America and the entire car world deserve more large four-door vehicles. Also, if built right and given plenty of power, it would definitely attract enthusiasts. Would you be part of that crowd?
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