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Dodge Charger "Megatron" Is the HEMI Decepticon Leader of the Wrap Universe

It was 2005 when Dodge introduced the modern Charger and, as the latest derivative, namely the Hellcat Redeye, has shown, the Mopar people haven't run out of ideas on how to improve the four-door muscle car just yet. Of course, all the added factory badassery means that aftermarket transformations have to reach new heights to keep older models under the spotlights.
Dodge Charger "Megatron" wrap 5 photos
Dodge Charger "Megatron" wrapDodge Charger "Megatron" wrapDodge Charger "Megatron" wrapDodge Charger "Megatron" wrap
Let's take the Charger we have here, for instance. We're looking at a Scat Pack, so you can be certain the motivation is there - the engine compartment accommodates a 6.4-liter HEMI delivering a meaty 485 hp.

It looks like this Mopar machine started life as a Destroyer Grey unit, but the wrap it has recently received changes everything. The owner of the muscle sedan, who uses the shocka252 nickname, seems to be a massive Transformer fan, having given the Dodge a Megatron transformation.

We have to state this is one of the occasions when the hefty mass of the Charger works in its favor. You see, Megatron was born in the mid-1980s as the leader of the Decepticons, coming as a sentient robot who could transform into various weapons, such as a Walther P38 handgun. Still, more recent alternate modes shown on the big screen have taught us to associate his name with massive rigs such as a flying tank or a tanker truck.

Well, the second skin of the Charger perfectly fits the image the owner is aiming for, with this being far from the only custom piece fitted to the machine. Other examples range from the widebody kit and the custom aero fitted to both ends of the vehicle to the dominating halo lights up front, while the rear lights have also been remastered.

And yes, that tiny ground clearance is the result of the vehicle receiving air springs, with the multi-spoke custom wheels completing the setup.

Now, if the Megatron wrap happens to float your boat (no Mopar pun intended), perhaps you should also check out this Dennis The Menace Charger - the vinyl designs of the two come from the same artist, an enthusiast named Scott Kepple.


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