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Cupra Born Gets the RAEBURN Treatment, Wrap Is Crazy!

The era of the internal combustion engines is slowly coming to an end. With that, each and every manufacturer has to adapt to the new alternative powerplants. Cupra, even with their crazy four-bangers, didn’t hesitate to jump on the electric bandwagon.
Cupra Born by Raeburn 12 photos
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The Cupra Born is, essentially, an electric hot hatch. It even looks right, with a “grown-up boy racer” vibe to compliment the 204-hp (201-ps) motor. Well, if you fancy something a little crazier in the design department, Cupra got you covered with a partnership with fashion studio RÆBURN.

Now, you might be asking yourself why a fashion brand would play around with a car manufacturer. The answer is pretty simple – the car, over its primal purpose of driving us around, has become an accessory. The car needs to look a certain way to be desirable and get along with fashion trends.

This is where RÆBURN steps in. They took the already sharp-looking Cupra Born and turned the knob all the way to eleven in the looks area. They added a crazy wrap depicting the fashion brand's iconic parachute design. To add to this geometric insanity, they plastered the Born with bright orange and brown accents all over. All this combined, they certainly created a car that acts as a statement in today's era of crazy car designs, which, to be honest, was a smart move from Cupra with their first all-electric car.

But the story doesn't end here. Don't think for a second that all they did was slap a wrap on a little electric hatchback and called it a day. RÆBURN is a brand that strongly believes in sustainability, an aspect that was the main focus of this partnership, as stated by both Chris Raeburn, the creative director of RÆBURN and Andy McGregor, head of marketing at Cupra UK.

So, they went to town on the interior also, creating a custom piece to match the exterior, staying true to their RÆBURN’s RÆMADE design, which prioritizes the reworking of surplus material. Also, all their materials are, of course, recycled from marine litter, to be exact, known as SEAQUAL YARN, so we can call the sustainability box thoroughly checked.

The Cupra Born with the RÆBURN design is a pretty wild-looking creation, and it is most certainly not for everyone. But, even though it will not be people's first choice, it most certainly attains its main purpose-creating a stylish car that fits right in with today's trends, and, most importantly fits in with the shift to sustainability and to green mobility. 

Even though it isn't certain if this Cupra Born will hit showrooms, would you still be interested in it?

Editor's note: Gallery shows images of Australia-spec CUPRA Born

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