VW Says They're Not Killing the SEAT Brand, Not Yet Anyway

Volkswagen Group’s Mediterranean car brand SEAT is safe from getting the axe, at least for the time being, and that’s despite being neglected these past few years by its parent company.
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The temporarily reassuring confirmation was made by Volkswagen CEO and SEAT Chairman Thomas Schafer, who told Autocar that the Spanish brand won’t be killed until 2028 or 2029 and that they are trying to come up with a plan for it.

We are not killing SEAT. We just need to decide on its future,” Schafer commented. “We are still working on a plan for SEAT. It is fine until 2028 or 2029. It’s an entry-level brand for young customers. It really plays to Europe, particularly Spain, UK, and Austria.

The biggest threat to SEAT is Skoda, which is also owned by the Volkswagen Group, as it has more models in its lineup. Also, when it comes to the sportier face of the Group, it is being represented by Cupra, which also has electric and electrified vehicles in its lineup.

Nonetheless, Cupra “is not a volume player,” added the exec, as it has “a sharp positioning” within the VW Group, and “a more rebellious, young audience” is what it appeals to. “Cupra is the future of SEAT. Cupra is the reinvention of SEAT going forward. Cupra will move much faster into electrification,” added Schafer.

Nothing is official yet when it comes to the future of the Spanish automaker, and one scenario sees it turning into a mobility brand. That would definitely solidify its presence within the VW Group, and it wouldn’t be a threat to Skoda anymore. SEAT has already tapped into this segment with several electric scooters, as well as the Minimo Concept.

Hopefully, VW will come to its senses and find a place for SEAT within its portfolio, otherwise, Europe will lose an important car marque.


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