Couple Builds Incredible Cozy Tiny Home in Pickup Truck Bed for Less Than $4K

The popularity of tiny homes has skyrocketed in the past few years. Some people work with builders to make their tiny dreams a reality, while others prefer to DIY their own homes. It’s a lengthy process, and it requires some skill, but it’s less expensive, and the result is much more rewarding.
Meet the Love Hut, a DIY tiny home built on top of a truck bed 9 photos
The Love HutThe Love HutThe Love HutThe Love HutThe Love HutThe Love HutThe Love HutThe Love Hut
Kelsey Nolan and Shane Camp have been traveling in their amazing DIY “truck bed tiny home” for almost three years. The idea of building their own mobile house started to take shape when they decided that they wanted to travel across all 50 states in one year.

They needed an adventure-ready tiny equipped with all the necessary amenities in which they could live full-time. So they started to make a dwelling that they could strap to the back of their 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD.
In just 43 days, Kelsey and Shane managed to create a yellow bed truck tiny home for less than $4,000.

They tried to use as many free things as they could so they would not spend as much, and the result is incredible. The tiny home, which they called the Love Hut, has a total of 90 sq ft (8 sq meters) of living space.

It’s not much, but it’s packed with features. The Love Hut has a cozy interior that includes a kitchen equipped with a generous countertop with built-in storage, a two-burner stove, a round sink, and several cupboards where they can put away the cookware.

Next to the kitchen is a seating area filled with natural light. It’s a social space where they can relax and admire the gorgeous views. Next to it is a utility staircase that leads to the comfy bedroom. This area was built around Shane, and it’s incredibly spacious.

As for the bathroom, the Love Hut doesn’t actually have one. But it does include a hidden toilet next to the bedroom and an outdoor shower connected to the water source that comes from the inside. When they live off-the-grid, they can still connect a water heater there and enjoy a nice shower, thanks to the solar panels mounted on the rooftop.

Recently, Shane and Kelsey offered the folks from Tiny House Giant Journey a tour of their DIY tiny home. Check out the video down below to find out more about the Love Hut.

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