Consumer Reports Says Honda Civic Hybrid "Has a Big Problem"

The Honda Civic has enjoyed a lot of success as a hybrid vehicle since its introduction in 2001, selling well over 255,000 units worldwide and becoming the second best selling hybrid in the US.
2013 Honda Civic Hybrid 1 photo
However, Consumer Reports claims that, while being a reliable car overall, the Japanese hybrid comes with a serious drive battery problem, that has led to about 20 percent of 2009 and 10 percent of 2010 models needing at least one replacement over 12 months.

"The Civic Hybrid, which has been a reliable car overall in most years, has a big problem with its drive battery. The 2009 model was the worst: Almost one in five owners needed a replacement hybrid battery in our 12-month survey period. But more than 10 percent of owners of the 2003, 2004, and 2010 models also needed one," Consumer Reports says in their April 2013 issue, according to AutoGuide.

Honda issued no official response over the Civic Hybrid's problems, but it looks like the Japanese learned their lesson and switched to a new lithium-ion battery pack for the 2012 and 2013 models, reducing customer complaints to none so far.

Story via AutoGuide


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